Reporting Officers

The reporting officer is there to:

  • listen to your complaint
  • outline the options that are available to you should you wish to take action
  • advise you of the pros and cons of different options
  • support you if you decide to take action
  • advise you of other support available to you if you need to see a professional counsellor or psychologist.

If you decide to take action, the matter will be handed over to a Co-ordinating Officer who will then follow the course of action chosen. The reporting officer will support you through this but will not be actively involved in managing processes.

Mr Jeremy Baxter

Mr Jeremy Baxter
Senior Lecturer in Statistics and Hall Warden of Lilian Ngoyi Hall
RU address: Room 35 in Stats in the New Arts block or Centenary house
Phone: 046 603 7031 (department) or 046 603 8833 (residence) or 082 332 6734

As an academic in the Department of Statistics, Jeremy is accustomed to teaching large classes of students. He also does research which includes using statistical machine learning techniques to predict protein secondary structure. He is abit of a computer boffin and regards working with linux, R, octave and python as play. Jeremy is married with five children of the furry variety (their cats). As House Warden of Centenary House, Jeremy along with the students, runs a very successful vegetable garden, the products of which are donated to community organisations. When he is not gardening, Jeremy likes to play under-water hockey and is also a keen spear-fisherman.

 Ms Veronica Daniels


Ms Veronica Daniels
Graphics and Layout Artist in the Print Services Unit
RU address: Print Services unit, basement of Geography building
Phone: 046 603 8501
E-mail address:

Veronica is currently working as a graphics and layout designer in the Printing services unit. She has 3 children, 2 boys and one girl. Veronica volunteered to be a reporting officer because of her belief in fair, equal and respectful treatment of others. She is keen to help staff and students who are dealing with difficult situations. She describes herself as a compassionate person, very eager to help others, a good listener who is empathetic to the situation and experiences of others. Veronica also has a keen interest in music and dancing.



Ms Nontuthuzelo Faku
HR Generalist in the HR Division
RU address: Room 223 in the Main Admin Building
Phone: 046 603 8239

Nontuthu is a well-known face at Rhodes University and in the Grahamstown community. Once a trade unionist, Nontuthu (or Toots as she is affectionately called), now works in Human Resources and is studying towards her HR diploma. Nontuthu’s commitment to helping others is actively demonstrated in her involvement in many different NGOs including Masifunde and the Eluxolweni Shelter. She has a friendly, easy going nature and gets on with people from all walks of life. She is also an active grandmother of two. While she is leads a busy life, she does report that she realises she is getting older because life these days, is starting to move at a faster pace.



Ms Ntosh Gongqa
HR Generalist in the Human Resources Division
RU address: Room 224, Main Admin Building
Phone: 046 603 8616

Ntosh is the HR Generalist, responsible for dealing with staff, HoDs and Deans in the Faculties of Commerce, Education and Law.  She is a young black woman who lives her life to the fullest. As well as being a mom to a three year old daughter and two step-children, she also enjoys travelling, seeing our beautiful country and learning new things. It is Ntosh’s wish that others too should embrace life and that unfair treatment and harassment should not be tolerated. All people, irrespective of their different backgrounds, have the right to be treated with respect.


Ms Janine Harris
Manager: Housekeeping Services, Housekeeping HQ, Warden of Oppidan Hall
Phone:  046 6038119 (office) or cell: 082 801 2385

Janine teams up with husband Raymond as Warden for Oppidan Hall.  Janine is a busy bee and bundle of energy managing the very large hive of activities affectionately referred to as Housekeeping Services.

 Ray Harris

Mr Raymond Harris
Accountant in the Finance Division and Oppidan Hall Warden
RU address: Room 133, Main Admin Building
Phone: 046 6038834

Raymond can be found on the first floor of the Main Admin Building where, interalia, he is the Accountant in charge of the research finance office, salaries office, student fees office. Raymond and his wife Janine, share the responsibility for being the Oppidan Hall Warden. Raymond is a Christian and is English speaking. Raymond enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as his pets which include a Burmese cat and French poodle.



Mrs. Ruth Jackson
Administrative Assistant in the Student Bureau, Registrar’s Division.
She is also the Hall Warden of Hobson Hall and Warden of Milner House.
RU address: Student Bureau, Eden Grove Building or Milner House (Hobson Hall)
Phone: 0466038372 or 046603855

Ruth is a bundle of energy with a life filled with activity. Beyond being an Admin assistant in the busy Student Bureau, she is also the Hall and House Warden of Hobson Hall and House. Quiznites, travelling, eating out with friends and walking her dog daily keep her busy after hours. Ruth’s work satisfies her enjoyment of interacting with students; her love of mentoring and providing guidance, particularly career counseling, to others.  Ruth’s zest for life is well exemplified by the fact that she used to have her pilot’s license. Ruth is a mother of two grown up sons who, much to Ruth’s delight, are in the process of providing her with grandchildren


Dr Alan Kirkaldy
Senior Lecturer in History
RU address: First floor, History department, New Arts Building
Phone: 046 622 6777 or 084 616 3060

Alan is an environmental historian, focusing on the current planetary crisis. He has a keen interest in gender and sexual orientation issues. As a progressive Jew, he is a member of the Temple Hillel in East London and together with Larissa Klazinga, runs activities for Jewish students on campus. Alan is also an active unionist. As co-chair of the Rhodes branch of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), he is the union representative on a range of committees including Gender Action Forum (GENACT) and the Employment Equity and Institutional Culture Committee.  Part of his job description as a unionist, is keeping management, particularly HR on its toes! Alan is also involved in karate. He is a second dan karateka and one of the instructors in the Rhodes Shotokon Karate Club. Alan is married with a daughter at Rhodes University and a son at Graeme College.


Larissa Klazinga
Student Services Officer and Warden, Dean of Students Office
She can be contacted at Room 203 in the Main Admin building or Ruth First House
Phone: 046 603 8181 or 082 430 5707

Larissa is a Rhodes Politics graduate with a background in human rights advocacy, specifically in the areas of sex and gender based violence, sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS. Larissa is also an active member of the small Grahamstown Jewish community. She serves on various university committees including the Gender Action Forum and the HIV/AIDS Committee. Larissa has been the Warden of Ruth First House since 2003, served as Hall Warden of Lilian Ngoyi Hall in 2008/9 and is currently the Student Harassment Officer. Larissa has two sausage dogs named Tallulah & Eleanor and can regularly be seen jogging down the road as they run wildly and jap at passers-by as she tries to take them for a walk.


Mrs Lee-Ann Knowles
Manager: Print Services Unit
RU address: Print Services unit, basement of Geography building
Phone: 046 603 8926 or 083 708 2930

Lee-Ann is the manager of the Print Services Unit, responsible for the extensive printing of student handbooks and other institutional materials. She is also an artist and graphic designer. Lee-Ann’s passion for helping others is evident in that she is a life coach and trained counsellor with many years of counselling experience. Her commitment to fair treatment of others and the protection of the rights of others has led to her involvement in the union, NTEU. She is currently an executive member. Lee-Ann speaks English and Afrikaans. Lee-Ann is also married.



Mr John McNeil
Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and  Hall Warden of Allan Webb
RU address: Room 008 in the Hamilton Building or Winchester house
Phone: 046 6038011 or 082 313 2051

John has been wardening for over 20 years and enjoys interacting with students. As an academic in Information Systems, his love of technology is evident and is put to good use as chair of the committee that oversees the technology used in lecture venues. John also enjoys fishing and has a collection of koi fish (but these are not used for fishing!). John is passionate about issues of fairness and equal treatment for all. As a warden he is frequently involved in institutional developments that seek to advance these principles in the wardening system for the benefit of students and staff.



Ms Thandiwe Menze
Faculty Librarian
RU address: Library level 2
Phone: 046 603 7338 or 0804508740

Thandiwe has a Bachelor in Information Science and has recently completed her Honours through UNISA. She is relatively new to Rhodes, having started in May 2008. She comes to Grahamstown from Johannesburg.  She volunteered to be a reporting officer because she strongly opposes the violation of another’s human dignity and wants to contribute towards the eradication of the unfair treatment of fellow staff. She strongly believes that through her encounters with other individuals and her actions that others should not, in their own eyes, be diminished. When not at work, Thandiwe loves going on long walks.



Mr Cecil Peters
HR Generalist in Human Resources Division
RU Address: Room 223, Main Administration Building
Contact: 0466037037

Cecil is a Human Resources Professional with extensive experience in the field having worked in various contexts. Here at Rhodes, he currently works closely with the management and staff of the Estates and Dean of Students Divisions. He believes that every person should be treated with the necessary dignity and respect they deserve irrespective of their salary grade, designation, race, gender or age. Cecil has indicated that he “is happily married and blessed with two daughters”.  He is a committed Christian and active in the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa.


Professor Jen Snowball
Associate Professor of Economics
RU address: Room E5, Economics
Phone: 046 622 4157 (home) or 046 603 7405 (work)

Jen is a committed academic in the department of Economics. She is extremely proficient at teaching large Economics 1 classes and her research is in cultural economics. Jen was the first ever women associate professor in Economics at Rhodes University in a Faculty that is dominated by men. She is also a long-standing member of the Women’s Academic Solidarity Association (WASA) which seeks to support women. WASA has successfully spearheaded particular gender programmes in the University which have subsequently been mainstreamed. Jen is a devoted mother of what she describes as a “wonderful, 10 year old daughter”.  Outside of work, Jen’s passion is travel to interesting parts of the world and to date her travels have taken her to, inter alia, Libya, Tunisia, Syria and Jordan.  Jen reports that given half a chance, she will share stories of her travels and pictures with others.



Professor Lynette Steenveld
Professor in Journalism and Media Studies
RU address: Room 204, African Media Matrix Building, Upper Prince Alfred Street
Phone: 0466037142 or 0825890885

As a young person, Lynette was subjected to apartheid removals and so is intimately acquainted with various manifestations of racism.  Later in life she became more aware of gender and sexuality struggles.  She takes to heart the feminist adage that the 'personal is political' which in practice means that she interrogates power in all spheres of life.  She is a founding member of WASA, and has served on its executive committee.  Lynette has a passion and commitment to eradicating harassment and unfair discrimination and for helping those who have been mistreated and abused.  She has a reputation for speaking up against those who have been wronged--in whatever way. The poster of a young, smiling Che Guevara in her office with the tag lines:” Let's be realists. Let's dream the impossible” encapsulates Lynette’s continued commitment to make a difference. As a mother of two teenagers, one a young woman, the other a young man, Lynette is sensitive to the subtle ways in which power works in youth culture.


Ms Alex Sutherland
Senior Lecturer in Drama
RU address: Room 212, 2nd floor, Rhodes Theatre Buildings
Phone: 046 603 8707 or 0849663798

Alex is an academic in Drama, specialising in theatre for social and personal change. She has worked in many different community and educational contexts and has a special interest in issues of gender, race and power.   She is a strong advocate for supporting everyone’s right to love who they want. She has practised this a little in her own life by marrying a Brit in spite of her mother’s advice to avoid those of this nationality! Alex also is the proud mother of two little boys.



 Mrs Desiree Wicks
Manager:  Student Bureau (Eden Grove), Warden of Adelaide Tambo House and Hall Warden of Nelson Mandela
RU address:  Student Bureau, Eden Grove Building or Adelaide Tambo House
Phone:  046 6038276 (office), 046 6038042 (home ) or cell: 0828011401
Email:’s work in the Student Bureau and then as a Warden at night means that she interacts with students on a continual basis. This is indicative of her enjoyment in interacting and working with students and her desire to make a difference where she can. Within the student residence of Adelaide Tambo House, she is very involved in various community engagement projects.  Her hobbies are embroidery and making quilts and she can be found in front of my sewing machine on most Sundays.  There is a very strong rumour on campus that Mrs Wicks likes a bit of chocolate cake or even better a nice piece of biltong!  This rumour is not wrong



Dr Swantje Zachermack
Senior Lecturer in HKE and Hall Warden of Desmond Tutu Hall
RU Address: Room 32 in the HKE department or Margaret Smith residence
Phone: 046 6038472 in the department or 046 6038336 in the residence

Originally from Germany, Swantje has been an academic in HKE for the last six years. Her research interests include driving safety and fatigue.  More recently, Swantje has taken on the role of leading the newly established student residence Hall. She is also House Warden of Margaret Smith residence.



The Co-ordinating Officers are:

Student co-ordinating officer: Larissa Klazinga
tel: 046 603 8181
Location of office: Room 203 in the Main Admin building (clock tower)

Staff co-ordinating officer: Sarah Fischer
tel: 046 603 8113
Location of office: Room 210 in the Main Admin Building

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