Leave Benefits

It is important that employees work hard, perform well and contribute to the Universities sustainability. It is also important that employees get some time off to recuperate, attend to their personal interest and spend time with family. The University therefore subscribes to normal hours of work and affords very generous rewards in the form of time-off from work.

Due to the very nature of academia and the diversity of our staff complement, staff are entitled to various types of leave dependent on the staff category into which they fall (Academic Staff and Support Staff). A brief breakdown of the various types of leave is provided below:




Annual Leave

30 days per annum. Approximately 10 days of this falls within the prescribed compulsory Shutdown period from mid-December to early January each year. This enables staff to enjoy the festive season with friends and family, without being forced to travel when roads are at their busiest. 

All Support Staff.

Academic Leave

Accrues at a rate of 2 months leave (on full pay) for every completed year of full-time service up to a maximum of 12 months.

Academic Staff. Granted at the discretion of the University, for teaching, professional practice, study or research purposes.

Sick Leave

30 days per 3 year cycle

Both Academic and Support Staff

Maternity Leave

Up to 6 months. A loan is available to mitigate the impact of delays or shortfalls in receipt of UIF maternity benefits.

All staff (subject to conditions)

Paternity Leave

10 days

All staff

Family Responsibility Leave

5 days per annum. This leave is as indicated in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, but has been extended to include religious holidays and national representation eg for sport.

All staff

Study Leave

5 days per annum

All staff

Examination Leave

5 days per annum

All staff

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