Remission of Tuition Fees

A valuable benefit that is available to our staff and their spouse/partner and legal dependants, is the opportunity to study at Rhodes University at minimal or no cost.
For staff: Only 25% of the tuition fee is payable. In the case of Masters or PhD studies, the Research Office at Rhodes University may assist with a further concession. Staff can do a single course for non-degree purposes, at no cost.
For spouse/partner/dependants: Only 25% of the tuition fee is payable.
The remission of fees is subject to certain conditions or limitations.
Health Care Centre (Schalk) Various external stakeholders are also used to assist the staff wellness programme, as listed below:
Department of Health performs regular test on site for all staff members.
Counselling Centre (Schalk) FAMSA provide assistance with social related matters for staff and their families.
Health Suite (Schalk) IEMAS Financial Services assist staff with loan applications for insurance, personal and housing. Additionally, financial wellness workshop are regularly presented.

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