Staff Development

Higher education today is undergoing significant transformation due to global as well as national changes and pressures. In dealing with the main issues confronting the University, all staff need to be dedicated, confident and competent and where relevant, pro-active, in their fields of knowledge or expertise, the educational process and/or in the management of staff. This is achieved through providing developmental opportunities for staff and recognising that the capability and commitment of employees, at all levels and in all roles, is critical to the institution’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Consistent with the Mission and Vision statement of the University, Rhodes is striving to create an organisational culture where all staff strives for excellence and where development is seen as critical to the achievement thereof. To do so, staff must be reflective practitioners concerned with the evolving character of their work and their own development needs, engaging in life-long

learning. In turn, staff must be supported through the provision of appropriate opportunities and resources, active removal of barriers to development and recognition for engaging in personal development.

 Staff development within Rhodes University adheres to the Staff Development Policy which have the following objectives:

1.   Staff development aims to increase individual effectiveness and efficiency by encouraging and supporting staff to achieve individual work and career goals.

2.   Through enhancing the competence of staff, staff development will enable and assist employees to achieve the aims and objectives of the job, of their department/division and therefore, the University.

3.   Investing in staff development will enhance the commitment of staff.

4.   The provision of quality staff development opportunities will not only help the University retain staff but also be pivotal in attracting new staff to the institution.

The employee development cycle will allow a staff member and his/her manager/supervisor to focus on the staff member's current contribution and development needs in light of the employee's current contribution. Additionally, the development cycle will:

1.    Encourage a culture of continuous learning and improvement of skills from the staff member, through career discussions.

2.   Apply the principles of growth, feedback and accountability in their daily work.

3.   Demonstrate the University's commitment to developing and retaining the talents of staff.

4.   Support the Employment Equity drive.

To support the above, the following development vehicles are available: 

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