Dr Amber-Robyn Childs


Contact Details

Tel: +27 (0) 466038415‌‌




PhD, Ichthyology and Fisheries Science, Rhodes University


Further Details

I am recently (2014) employed as a lecturer at the DIFS under the Rhodes University Accelerated Development Programme



For the past decade I have been involved in research conducted on the movement patterns of important coastal and estuarine-dependent species, and the management of estuarine fisheries. This research has formed part of a large SA-Norway Bilateral Research cooperation programme, involving SAIAB and NINA in Norway, and has focused on estuarine dependency, habitat use and connectivity of coastal and estuarine-associated species using biotelemetry (under the SAIAB Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP) and the Canadian-based Ocean Tracking Network (OTN)) and conventional tagging techniques. ATAP is a collaborative marine science programme and is a national array of acoustic receivers managed by SAIAB and OTN is a global array of acoustic receivers initiated and managed by Dalhouise University, Canada. I have been involved in research on the inshore fisheries in southern Angola, including biological and ecological research on key recreational fishery species and on the recreational fisheries resource. Recently this fish life history research has expanded to include monitoring the movement and migration patterns of important recreational fishery species using the global OTN platform. I am also involved in field and laboratory-based research on the recruitment of early juveniles of estuary-associated fishery species into their estuarine nursery habitats, and the role of estuaries as nursery habitats for these species. Otolith schlerochronology is a growing interest; I have dabbled in otolith microchemistry to study the movement and migration of an estuarine-dependent fish species. Of future interest to me, is to empirically test (in a laboratory-based environment) fish ecological theories, behavioural responses, and eco-physiological type hypotheses formulated through the telemetry and otolith microchemistry research.


Research Interests

My areas of research include fish movement behaviour and habitat connectivity, biology and ecology of coastal fishery species, estuarine and fisheries ecology and recreational fisheries.


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