Partnerships & Projects

I&TS provides hosting for certain partners. In particular, close relationships exist between Albany Schools Network and the University resulting in fibre optic connectivity from the University to client schools. The location of the University in a rural town adds an interesting dynamic where many of the students are clustered together in private buildings. These “private residences” are connected via high speed fibre to the University network. Students sign up for an additional fee and connectivity is extended beyond the boundaries of the campus.  There are 15 private residences connected this way.

SEALS, a consortium of Eastern Cape Higher Education libraries currently operate off servers administered from within the I&TS Division.  The University provides the server on which the SEALS consortium run databases that are interconnected from library to library, allowing students and staff across the Eastern Cape to gain access to the libraries at Rhodes University, Fort Hare, NMMU and Walter Sisulu.

Makana Digital Group

The University is also active in an attempt to connect the whole of Grahamstown to limited internet access. The idea of this project is to position Hot Spots in the greater Grahamstown East area, giving economically un-empowered households to a small digital foot print.  This project is in the design phases and a partner who will provide the sustainability for the future of the network is being sourced. The University can offer no funding for the project but is able to offer technical expertise and can leverage fund raising for such a project from government grants targeting connectivity of people.

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