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Illicit outflows of capital crippling Africa

Over 50 years Africa has lost an estimated $1-trillion at around $50 billion annually through illicit financial overflows.

Rhodes' Veteran Parasite Warrior Champions Africa Specific Solutions at America's Leading Public Health Institute

At 87 years of age, South African-trained Clive Shiff is surely one of the most experienced full-time researchers and lecturers in America’s entire health sector.

What can the law do about illicit financial flows from Africa?

The African continent loses up to $50 billion annually through illicit financial outflows according to a high-level report commissioned by the African Union/ECA Conference of Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in 2012.

Rhodes student honoured for inspiring excellence in sport and community engagement

Masters in human kinetics and ergonomics student Micheen Thornycroft was this week recognised as the world’s most inspirational rower.