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Institutional Planning

The main purpose of Institutional Planning, through the Programme and Qualification Mix (PQM), is the coordination of strategies for the effective alignment of the resources available to students and staff in support of their academic endeavour.   

The IRPQP Division provides support to the Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) for appropriate oversight of strategic, operational and academic planning processes at Rhodes University. The planning-related roles of the Division include:

  • Ensuring effective alignment of student enrolment and resources
  • Preparing and monitoring annual enrolment plans and enrolment projections, as required by the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET).
  • Coordinating reporting, as appropriate, on institutional plans, policies and academic programmes to external bodies such as the DHET and the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC).
  • Working closely with Information & Technology Services (I&TS) Division to ensure regular provision of management information to structures of the University to facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Facilitating the internal and external processes of application for new academic qualifications/programmes. 
  • Ensuring maintenance of the Rhodes University’s PQM, as approved by the DHET
  • Ensuring the effective management of Rhodes University’s academic structure
  • Collaborating with other Units at the institution, state, or related organizations for the greater good of the institution and the public at large.


The Division of Institutional Research, Planning & Quality Promotion (IRPQP) is responsible for using data and information in order to support the University to plan, make informed decisions and offer programmes relevant to the region and which compare nationally and also internationally. The Division strives to assist the University in understanding the external context within which Rhodes is located and the trends within this location. This includes identifying how these trends can be used to increase enrolment and attract staff. In aligning with IR duties and functions broadly, the Division endeavours to:

  • Identify information needs
  • Collect, analyse, interpret, and report data and information
  • Plan and evaluate
  • Serve as stewards of data and information
  • Educate users and consumers about information procedures.

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