Saturday 18th May - International Parade (Steve Biko)

Stakeholder: International Office, Exchange Cohort, SRC, Regional and Cultural Societies, House/Hall committees.

Targeted participants: 300 

Rhodes University has over 86 different countries represented from various parts of the world. This cultural mix is what makes Rhodes University a truly international university. The international parade is a platform to embrace this diversity on our campus, show case and celebrate it with the greater Grahamstown community.   

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Sunday -19th May - 2019 Inaugural Summit: SADC: IMAGINING A BOARDERLESS REGION (Eden Grove red).

Stakeholder: Academic Departments; Diplomatic core, International Office, Cultural Societies.

Targeted participants: 150

An exploration of Internationalisation in SADC and the African Union.

Plenary sessions:

  1. Immigration (common passport)
  2. Free trade area
  3. Language
  4. Single currency
  5. Maritime Security.

Within the context of the SADC Common Agenda and, considering that a large number of Rhodes University Students and Staff members come from SADC Member countries, it is critical that we engage with students and various stake holders on issues related but not limited to: immigration, the prospects of a Free Trade Area, a common language, Single Currency and Maritime Security, as part of our Internationalisation programme.


Monday 20th May – International Fair (The Day Kaif)

(Learn about African countries and Exchange programme opportunities beyond the continent).

Stakeholder: International Office, Exchange Cohort, SRC.

Targeted participants: 200

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Tuesday 21st May – How can I go on exchange? Q@A (Glass box, Eden Grove)

Stakeholder: International Office, Exchange Cohort, SRC.

Targeted participants: 80 

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Tuesday 21st May- International Student Forum

Stakeholder: International Students, SRC, and International Office

Targeted participants: 500


Thursday 23rd May – Update on Immigration processes and agreements with IEASA, pertaining to the University community. Opportunity for Q&A. (Barrat lecture theatre 3)

Stakeholders: Senior management, International Office,  senior academic, SRC, HR, Heads of regional societies.

Targeted participants: 80 

The International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA), a non-profit organisation, was established as a result of the need for universities and universities of technology in South Africa to respond to international educational demands. The President of IEASA will be giving a briefing on Immigration processes and agreements with IEASA.

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Thursday 23rd May – International Purple Thursday/ Language Carousel (School of languages courtyard).

Stakeholder: Senior management, International Office, Post-Doctoral Fellows  

Targeted participants: 100 

Activities and Language Carousel

African language speakers are invited to meet the rest of the world and teach each other phrases from their own languages. With over 86 different countries being represented from different parts of the world. The language carousal is a platform to embrace this rich diversity on our campus and in the Grahamstown community.  

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Thursday 23rd May – Post Doctoral Fellows soirée (Senior Common Room)

Stakeholder: Senior management, International Office, Post-Doctoral Fellows  

Targeted participants: 80 

This gathering provides for a rich cultural and academic space for our post-doctoral fellows. Fellows are given the opportunity to share their different areas of academic and research interest and learn from one another. An important element to this is sharing how conducting their fellowship in South Africa will assist in becoming thought leaders and change agents in their home countries. The space also always for cross disciplinary networking and relationship building.  

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Saturday 25th May – Africa Ball (Oppidan Dining Hall)

Stakeholder: Rhodes University Community

Targeted participants: 400 

Value Proposition: This unique and very sought after multicultural event creates a space for the Rhodes University Community, both staff and students to celebrate Africa Day. The rich cultural experience, gives individual the opportunity to dress in the formal attire of their choosing, displaying the rich diversity of the Rhodes University community. Both music and cuisine from all around the African continent is celebrated and enjoyed during this vibrate intercultural event.   

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