Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus is a European Union-funded programme that aims to increase postgraduate student, researcher and staff mobility to and from Europe. The programme consists of a series of consortia between European and non-European Universities around the world. The Erasmus Mundus programme has several consortia exclusive to South Africa and South African citizens.

Each of these consortia includes a number of South African Universities and a number of European Universities. South African students, researchers and staff from Universities who are part of a consortium fall under the category of Target Group 1, while those who are South African citizens and are at a South African university that is not part of the particular consortium are designated as Target Group 2. Applications from Target Group 1 are given priority and there are a greater number of positions reserved for applicants from Target Group 1, but there are several places reserved for Target Group 2.

Rhodes University falls under the category of Target Group 2 for all current Erasmus Mundus consortia, but this is liable to change in the near future.

The International Office does not administer any exchange programmes falling under the Erasmus Mundus programme. However, the International Office can offer advice and assist students, researchers and staff in contacting the relevant administrators for each consortium.

All Erasmus Mundus programmes are funded. In most of these programmes, tuition fees are waived, and flights and travel insurance is covered. There is also a substantial subsistence fee granted as follows:

Masters Students


PhD Students




 The following details can be found on each consortium’s website:

  • Contact details
  • Financial support
  • Academic Fields
  • Consortium partners in Europe
  • Due dates for applications
  • Application procedures

Current Consortia

There are currently four consortia between South African universities and European institutions. They are

  2. EUSA-ID
  4. AESOP

Masters Opportunities

Erasmus Mundus provides joint-University Masters programmes in interdisciplinary areas of research. Students enrolled in these programmes will complete their Masters Degree at between three and four Universities over a period of two years.

Erasmus Mundus joint-University Master's programmes are not automatically funded. However, students can apply to Erasmus Mundus and its consortia for funding.

Students interested in taking part in any of these programmes should communicate with the Rhodes International Office.

Current Joint-University Masters Opportunities

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