• Erasmus Funding:

Leicester University previously applied for and was awarded Erasmus funding for 5 (five) Rhodes student interested in applying to Leicester University for exchange in 2017/2018. The amount grated per scholarship is 1,000 euros for travel and 850 euros per month for living and to assist with accommodation. (Please note that is only funding available for 1 student in 2018, the rest has been used).

The Erasmus school of History, Culture and Communication applied for and was awarded one scholarship through the Erasmus+ Programme. This funding covers a scholarship for one incoming exchange student (so from RU to EUR) at Master level (in Media Studies) in 2018/2019. The allowance is €800 per 30 days, plus a travel allowance of €1100. The stay can be for a maximum of 135 days.


  • DAAD Funding:

Muenster University applied for and was awarded DAAD funding for the winter 2017/18 period. The funding makes provisions for 4 South African students (in the final year of their Bachelor of Arts degree or registered for honours or Masters in Anthropology) intending to study at the University of Muenster on exchange. The student will receive 330 euros a month for accommodation and living and 268 euros for social transportation. The student will also be assisted with air tickets to Germany and back by the International office and they will be required to pay for their won visa application fees and medical aid in the amount of 150 euros a month.


  • Internal funding:

Willamette University will assist one Rhodes student with funding in the amount of $ 1 275.00 towards the student SEVIS fee and for health insurance. An additional amount of $1 275.00 will be awarded towards the students travel/flight costs to and from the United States.

Bellarmine University will assist one Rhodes student with a scholarship in the amount of $1500 (to be used at your discretion for the student’s air fare, visa fees, books, health insurance etc.), as well as an on campus ambassadorship in form of a BU campus job placement with pay up to 20 hrs a week for 1 or 2 semesters at $8 an hour.

Boston College assist Rhodes students intending on studying at Boston College on exchange with an amount of $5000 towards accommodation for the duration of their time abroad. 

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