Brian Walter

Brian Walter lives in Port Elizabeth and used to live in the Alice area. His writing is grounded in the landscape and people of the Eastern Cape. He is the author of three books of poems and co-author (with Felicity Wood) of a textbook on poetry, and his poetry has won both the Thomas Pringle award and the Ingrid Jonker Prize. With other poets from Fort Hare, he is a member of an informal group called Ecca Poets, which has included Cathal Lagan, Norman Morrissey, and the late Basil Somhlahlo. Brian has taught creative writing at Fort Hare and at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Groundwork (Macmillan Boleswa, 1997) (poetry texbook) (co-editor)
Tracks (Lovedale, 1999) (poetry)
Baakens (Lovedale, 2000) (poetry)
Mousebirds (Seaberg, 2008) (poetry)

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