Rian Malan

Rian Malan

Rian Malan is a writer, journalist, documentary TV presenter and songwriter. He has written for international newspapers and magazines including Esquire, Rolling Stone, The Spectator, and Granta. His internationally-acclaimed 1980s book on South Africa, My Traitor’s Heart, was translated into 11 languages. In 2000 Rolling Stone published ‘In the Jungle’ his story of the ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and its composer Solomon Linda. A selection of the best of his writing was published in 2009 as Resident Alien and in 2011 as The Lion Sleeps The Night.

My Traitor’s Heart (Grove Press, 1989)

Resident Alien (Jonathan Ball, 2009)

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Grove Press, 2011)

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