Editorial Assistant: Journal of Contemporary African Studies

Jamie Alexander

Jamie Alexander

BA, MA (Rhodes)

E-mail: jamie.alexander@ru.ac.za 

Jamie Alexander is Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Contemporary African Studies, assisting the Chief Editor: Prof. Fred Hendricks, and the co-editors: Dr. Wale Adebanwi and Dr. Godwin Murunga.

Jamie is currently completing her PhD on sacred cultural landscapes and their application for bio-cultural diversity conservation. Her MA explored children’s cultural environmental narratives and their role in the transmission of cultural connection to and protection of biodiversity. Her honour’s thesis focused on tourism, crime and benefit in relation to the tourism industry in Vilankulo, Mozambique.

In the past Jamie has worked as a social anthropologist and environmental consultant, being involved in assessing the impact of numerous large-scale development projects in South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Egypt and Kenya. She has also been involved in the interactive environmental arts-based programmes of the Arkwork Collective, and was one of the facilitators of the Arkwork Circus. This project, centred on vulnerable and at-risk youth, utilised arts-based education, drama and storytelling to enable participants to create a community production which was performed at the Grahamstown Festival.

Jamie’s research interests include sacred spaces, cultural landscapes, cultural identity and belonging, environmental perceptions, Local Ecological Knowledge, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, cultural environmental narratives, bio-cultural diversity conservation, participatory learning processes and tourism. 

Recent publications: 

Inkcubeko Nendalo: A Bio-Cultural Diversity Schools Education Project in South Africa and its Implications for Inclusive Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) Sustainability

Michelle L. Cocks, Jamie Alexander and Tony Dold

Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, September 2012, 6 (2): 241-252.

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