Ahmed Amoo Yinusa


Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Lagos, Nigeria


Tel: +234 7086719649
Cell: +234 7086719649
Email: aayinusa@unilag.edu.ng
Whatsapp: (+234 7086719649)
ResearchGate: Ahmed Yinusa


1. B.sc (First class Hons.) University of Lagos, Mechanical Engineering Department.
2. M.Sc (Distinction)
3. PhD (in view)

Research Interests:

Nanotechnology and it’s applications

Research Field:

Water as well as liquid-solid interaction.

Short Biography:

Yinusa Ahmed ( B.sc (First class Hons.), M.Sc (Distinction), PhD (in view)) is mechanical engineer currently working in research areas that include: Nanotechnology and its applications, Adaptation to climate change, water treatment and management using Nanotech, Nonlinear dynamics of flow induced structure and general applied mechanics.

Techniques and tools use include: Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental.

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