Neil Griffin


Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University, South Africa


  • BSc. University of the Witwatersrand
  • BSc. Hons: Rhodes University
  • MSc. University of Natal
  • PhD University of Cape Town

Short Biography:

Neil's academic career began with research into marine macro- and micro- algal ecology, ecophysiology, and systematics. He has also been involved in research into rural energy, macroalgal mariculture, and management and dissemination of biological data sets. More recently his research interests have focussed on issues related to water quality and its management with a particular focus on Southern Africa. Over this period he has worked all around the South Africa, with brief interludes overseas.


Phone: +27 (0)46 603 7694
Personal research website:

Research Interests:

Environmental water quality, temporospatial trends in freshwater physicochemistry, biomonitoring methods, ecotoxicology, freshwater ecology, algal ecology

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