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Seifu Kebede Gurmessa


Centre for Water Resources Research, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)

Highest degree:



  • BSc and MSc (Geology and Hydrogeology) : Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia;
  • PhD (Hydrology): University of Avignon, France

Research Interests:

  • Surface water ground water interaction and
  • Water Quality

Short Biography:

Current work/research position(s) with one to three main responsibilities for each position. An Associate Professor of Hydrology teaching, Facilitate Research & Graduate Training and conducting Community Services

Awards, accolades received in the past 3 years

Oxford-Afox Fellow (2018)


Phone: +27 72 280 4641
Email: kebedegurmessas@ukzn.ac.za
Linkedln: Seifu Kebede
Twitter: @sefwater

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