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Yvonne Bigengimana


University of Rwanda

Highest degree:



BSc (Biology/Zoology and Biodiversity Conservation)
University of Rwanda, Kigali

Research Interests:

  • Integrated Water Resources Management with a specific focus on local communities’ engagement with Water Resources Management and Governance.
  • Ecosystem valuation
  • Community awareness of natural resource consumption and sustainable management of ecosystems.

Short Biography:

An MSc student at the University of Rwanda in the Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources Management Programme. Also an Executive Assistant for the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) (NGO) Duties include monitoring and evaluation of projects and programme. Key role within the Ecosystem mapping and valuation team – duties include data collection and analysis.


Phone: +250 788 659 278 / +250 722 414 462
Email: bigyvonne1@gmail.com
Linkedln: Yvonne Bigengimana
Skype: bigyvovo Facebook: Yvonne Bigengimana

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