Current Projects

  • Bioremediation of industry effluent in the context of Water Resource Management.
  • Development of sediment quality guidelines for South African freshwaters.
  • Development of sublethal toxicity test methods (physiological measures; biochemical markers) for indigenous species (invertebrates; algae).
  • Application of the above in water quality management (e.g. development of water quality guidelines; resource quality objectives; biomonitoring).
  • Refining biomonitoring techniques (e.g. aquatic invertebrate species level identification; diatom and microbial biodiversity).
  • Development of site specific biomonitoring and appropriate toxicological technologies for industry (SASOL; Richards Bay Minerals).
  • Exploring endocrine disruption in aquatic invertebrates.
  • Development of a water quality management plan for Boksburg Lake.
  • Research into integrating water quality and quantity in ecological water requirements.
These have led to:
  • a Protocol for Acute Toxicity Testing of single substances, using selected riverine invertebrates, in Artificial Stream Systems
  • the development of a method for applying toxicity results in ecological Reserve determinations for water quality
  • the application of toxicity results in the derivation of a new national salinity effluent standard
  • an outline of draft Guidelines for Whole Effluent Toxicity testing
  • The production of "Some for all Forever: Water ecosystems and people" WRC handbook
  • The production of "Environmental Water Quality in Water Resources Management"WRC Handbook.

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