Hydrological modelling



The Institute for Water Research (IWR) at Rhodes University has a long history of the development and application of hydrology and water resource models. The IWR recognizes that there are fewer Southern Africa graduates entering this important field of hydrological research than in the past and therefore offers support for post-graduate bursaries. There is no time limit to this offer and potential students can apply at any time. Acceptance will depend upon the background of the candidates and the current availability of bursaries.

The successful applicants will be supervised by Prof. Denis Hughes and will be expected to apply for funding from other sources during their period of study. Preference will be given to suitably qualified PhD applicants, although applications for MSc studies will also be considered (see the Rhodes University website at www.ru.ac.za for details of PhD and MSc entry requirements).

Potential applicants should submit their details (CV and academic recommendations) to Prof. Hughes (D.Hughes@ru.ac.za) in good time to begin their studies at the start of the academic year (sometime in January or February). The application should be a accompanied by a brief outline of the preferred field of research and any ideas that the candidate may have on specific projects. The following are some suggested broad areas of research that potential candidates might consider:

  • Evaluation and further development of existing models.
  • Prediction and parameter estimation uncertainty analysis.
  • Regional application of models (SADC region).
  • Integration of different models (surface/ground water; quality/quantity, etc.).
  • Modelling platforms and model user interfaces.
  • Alternative sources of information for model parameter estimation.

The value of the bursary will be in line with those typically offered by other supporters of postgraduate research and will cover registration costs, living expenses and project running costs. The exact value will be negotiated with the applicants and will depend on available resources. The successful applicant will be given the opportunity of participating in IWR consultancy projects to supplement the bursary.

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