Dr Andrew Slaughter

Highest qualification: Doctorate in Water Resources Science

Email: a.slaughter@ru.ac.za

Biography: Andrew’s doctoral thesis concerned modelling the relationship between flow and water quality in South African rivers. After obtaining his Ph.D, Andrew took up a post-doctoral research position within the Institute for Water Research. His activities during this period included writing up publications, informal supervision and participating in a WRC project concerning climate change adaptation and a decision support system for water boards in South Africa. In 2013, Andrew was appointed as a research officer (two year contract) within the Institute for Water Research, linked to a WRC project. This project concerned the development of a water quality systems assessment model, aimed specifically for use by South African water management agencies, and linked to established water quantity management models. The project has now come to an end, and Andrew is currently completing a new WRC project over three years that looks at extending the functionality of the aforementioned model. Andrew’s research interests include the relationship between flow and water quality and water quality modelling, specifically focussing on nutrient fate in rivers and reservoirs.

Current projects: Extending the functionality and knowledge transfer of the Water Quality Systems Assessment model (Water Research Commission Project No. K5/2448).




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Published conference proceedings:

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