David Forsyth

Full name: DA Forsyth
Born: South Africa, 22 September 1966
Educated: Graeme College, Grahams town, matriculated 1984
                 University of Port Elizabeth (Computer Science to 3rd year, degree not completed)


2000 - present:
Principal Technical Officer at the IWR
1994 - 1999:
Senior Technical Officer at the IWR
June 1992- 1993:
Self employed as 'Solution Forty-2 Software'. Custom software for dedicated hardware applications in the motor industry
1991-May 1992:
Software Engineer at Cubix Technology CC, since dissolved, development of software for dedicated hardware controlling heavy machinery in the motor manufacturing industry.
Computer Science student, University of Port Elizabeth


  1. Computer Programming (Robotics and CNC, GIS, Web pages using PHP, Gcode wizards).
  2. Radio control airplanes
  3. Metal machining - mainly making tools to make other tools.

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