Delana Louw

Tertiary academic qualifications:

1979:     Matriculated Strand High School
1982:     B Sc Degree (Botany & Zoology)
1983:     Majored in Geology & Nature Conservation
1984:     B Sc Hon (Nature Conservation)

Employment history

1985 - 1988:
Department of Development Aid as Nature Conservation Scientist.
1988 - April 1997:
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) as Principal Hydrologist
May 1997-July 2002:
Self-employed as member of IWR Environmental which is affiliated with the Institute for Water Research (IWR), Rhodes University. Also holds position of Senior Researcher in the IWR Rhodes University.
Aug 2002 - present:
Formed IWR: Source to Sea (sole member). Links to IWR Rhodes as above. IWR Environmental ceases to exist April 2003

Professional experience

Eight years experience in determining methodologies for and co-ordination of Integrated Environmental Management (IEM) procedures. Fourteen years experience in the development of methodologies for Instream Flow. Requirements and the Reserve and the application there-of. Ten years experience in the technical coordination of IFR and Reserve studies.

Research and professional interest.

Designed the Relevant Environmental Impact Prognosis (ROIP) as in the present format.

  • Prepared a manual for the application of the ROIP and designed an IEM procedure.
  • 1989 - 1993: Involved in the Great Brak River Estuary study - impact assessment, water requirements and monitoring.
  • Coordinated IEM procedures for 4 Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • Coordinated the Fishways Monitoring study during 1994 and 1995 for the Water Research Commission.
  • 1991 - 1996: Established with J King the Building Block Methodology (BBM) for IFRs
  • 1994 - present: Coordinated 22 IFR studies (BBM applied):
  • 1996: Involved in the design and application of a flow management plan for the Fish and Sunday River systems
  • 1998 - present: River Task Leader developing Resource Directed Measures in reaction to the new Water Act (1998).
  • 1999 - present: Applied the different Ecological Reserve methods on various rivers.
  • Co-managed the Mhlathuze Reserve Study
  • Task Leader for the quantity component of the Olifants River Reserve Study and technical integrator of the study.
  • Managed and coordinated the Amatole Environmental Water Requirements study.
  • Managed and coordinated the Swarktops Intermediate Ecological Reserve study.
  • Technical manager of the Thukela Ecological Reserve Study
  • Revision of the Reserve methodologies (quantity) for the DWAF
  • Technical advisor for the Reserve study on the Apies/Pienaars System.
  • Managing the Mhlathuze Reserve Monitoring study

Appointed by WRC (2001) as liaison officer between DWAF and WRC re Reserve projects.

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