Dr Eric Igbinigie

Eric holds a PhD in Environmental Biotechnology (Rhodes University) and is a registered Professional Natural Scientist (Pr. Sci. Nat.) with nine years of combined experience in environmental research, teaching and consulting.

His expertise includes Environmental & Social Governance, Solid waste & wastewater specialist assessment, Integrated Waste Management Plans, Waste Beneficiation & Valorization, Bioremediation, Environmental Site Assessment (ESA - Phases I, II & III), Scoping and EIA and Environmental & Social Management Systems.

While serving as project manager and environmental specialist, Eric has successfully completed DFI funded projects in several industry sectors including mining, infrastructural development, energy / renewable energy, oil & gas and agro-industry, which are located in countries in the East, West and Southern Africa.

Eric is the current General manager and Environmental & Social Governance Specialist at Assured Turnkey Solutions (Pty) Ltd, (ATS), which he founded. As part of his duties at ATS, he serves in a secondment capacity as the Chief operating officer at BM Manufacturing and Suppliers (Pty) Ltd. (trading as Lugaju Innovation).

As an associate at the Department of Microbiology, University of Lagos, Nigeria, Eric provides research and development assistance to post graduate research.

Previously held positions were at EOH Coastal & Environmental Services, where he served as the Gauteng branch manager and at the Institute for Environmental Biotechnology, Rhodes University, as a Senior Research Scientist, where he led a team of researchers and developed, and patented a coal dump rehabilitation technology that is currently being implemented for post mined land rehabilitation.

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