Margaret Wolff graduated with a BA from Rhodes University in 1993. Her background is in Journalism and Media Studies, English, Drama and Anthropology. During her degree she gained experience in Theatre and Education. She complemented her first degree with certificates in management practice, bookkeeping, project management and teaching English as a foreign language.

Since her graduation Margaret has been involved in the co-ordination and management of a number of social and educational projects and programmes including work at the Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality. She served as the director of the Makana Edutourism Project and also as the manager of Scifest Africa (formerly Sasol SciFest). During this time she was involved in various activities that are relevant to her research interest in social learning, including the design and development of outreach programmes, communications, research and production of the annual Scifest Africa programme, strategic planning and marketing.

In 2015 Margaret registered as a part time Masters student and will study and research natural resources management and social learning.                                                

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