Nicholas G Hamer

NAME Nicholas Hamer
19 April 1972
CONTACT (046) 622 8012 & (084) 722 3458
ADDRESS 12 Cromwell St., Grahamstown 6139


A committed well educated post graduate with 20 years experience in working on  environmental and sustainability issues. I have a strong ethical commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Skills include management, research, consultancy, IT and working with public and professionals. South African permanent resident .


University of Bradford                                                                                                 

  • MSc Environmental Monitoring (1995-1996 )

 University of Leeds

  • BA (Hons) History.

 Ulverston Victoria High School

  • 8 GCSE's and 4 A levels



Rhodes University (2001-15)

Institute of Water Research (current):

  • Team leader of the Makana case study component of the Towards a New Paradigm Project, funded by the WRC. The research involves investigating innovative methodologies to manage water resource management challenges

Environmental Science (current):

  • Project manager for Sandisa Imbewu funded “People, ecosystem services and change: addressing drivers, impacts, vulnerability and responses in Southern Africa (PESC).”
  • Work has also includedlecturing on components of Environmental Science courses, and developing social assessment processes for carbon sequestration projects.
  • Consultancies undertaken for Social Impact Assessment processes, one for a land restoration project in the Eastern Cape and on for a proposed Forestry plantation in Mozambique.

Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), Research Associate:

  • Co-author of report into the economic potential of tourism in Makana Municipality
  • Co-author of resource documents produced to assist a forum of private game reserves in the Eastern Cape. The first looked at their legal obligations regarding ex-farm workers and on how to improve opportunities for ex-farm workers. The second considered the impact of HIV/AIDS in the sector and suggested appropriate responses
  • Joint study with Fort Hare ISER on the energy use of SMMEs in the Eastern Cape
  • Feasibility studies carried out for Department of Environment poverty alleviation projects.
  • Co-author of research report relating to natural resource usage at Dwesa-Cwebe, co-author of Commission for the Restitution of Land Rights case study of the Dwesa-Cwebe land claim and co-author of ‘State of the Eastern Cape’ book chapter on the frustrations of development at Dwesa-Cwebe.
  • Research completed for skills Eastern Cape provincial skills study.
  • Social Impact Assessment carried out for proposed sewage pipeline in East London.

Environmental Education:

  • Course materials developed for a SADC International Certificate in Environmental Education, to consider potential examples of Sustainable Development.
  • Orientation materials developed for case study for visiting African professors.
  • Masters students briefed on EIA legislation.
  • Co-ordinating the programme for the Environmental Management for Sustainable Unviversities Conference, that linked with the Earth Summit.

Makana Municipality and Local Environment Action Plan (2001-2005)

I assisted the municipality on a voluntary basis to develop the environment related component of their Integrated Development Plan. I was part of a consortium  that developed the Local Environment Action Plan for the Municipality. 

Umthathi Traning Agency (2001-3):

I provided assistance to this community development NGO on Programme’s Management, fund raising and in preparing annual reports.

 Local Agenda 21 Unit, Bradford Council (1997-2000) : Sustainable initiatives officer

  • Report developed to assist Park Lane Further Education College to showcase Renewable Energy technologies and to incorporate Environmental issues into the curriculum
  • I managed a local ‘Community Garden’ that provided training opportunites for the long-term unemployed
  • Initiating a district wide Sustainable Farmland Management Group to  develop plans to tackle Environmental issues relating to agriculture
  • I developed a sustainability Management Plan for the Municipal Social Services department. 
  • Report completed on the feasibility of ‘local produce markets’ in the district
  • Training - included facilitating environmental solutions, assertiveness and managing people’s performance.

Previous work

  • Waste management consultancy for ‘Save Waste and Prosper’, UK
  • Developing sustainable tourism initiatives for ‘International Friends of Nature’ in Vienna, Austria
  • Providing information and advice on energy conservation and environmental issues at the ‘Leeds Energy and Environment centre’


Presentations at over 10 conferences, symposiums and workshops, over 10 research reports, 3 book chapters, 2 journal and working paper publications, 3 DVD documentaries and 3 theatre scripts.


  • Knowledge of IT packages, fluent French and German spoken and a full clean driving licence.
  • While in South Africa I have undertaken basic courses in Zulu and Xhosa



  • Travelling: I have enjoyed opportunities to travel in both Southern Africa and Europe, including participating in cultural exchange programmes. Outdoor activities: I enjoy exportunities to enjoy nature while cycling or walking.


Dr Sheona Shackleton:, 046 603 7009

Prof Tally Palmer:, 046 603 8532

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