Notiswa Libala

I am Notiswa Libala, born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. I completed both BSc Agric and Master’s degree at University of Fort Hare in Livestock and Pasture Science Department. I have worked with Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) as an Intern in Land Use and Soil Management Directorate. I am currently working as an Assistant Researcher in the Institute for Water Research, assisting in Upper Ntabelanga Catchment. I am also working on my PhD proposal to be registered in 2016 academic year. My working title: Linking water governance development and aquatic ecosystem health to livelihood diversification and empowerment – the case of the of the Upper Mzimvubu River catchment. The research is aimed at establishing the knowledge to maintain good environmental governance that supports sustainable utilisation and protection of aquatic ecosystems and improved livelihoods.

Research focus:

In South Africa, most rural farmers rely greatly on aquatic resources for their livelihood; however, Aquatic ecosystem integrity is increasingly been threatened by both natural and human factors including sedimentation, climate change, pollution and erosion. If the trend remains unabated, the livelihood of those dependent on aquatic ecosystem could be jeopardized and lead to serious negative social economic consequences. Therefore action needs to be taken to conserve and rehabilitate aquatic resources for the benefits of Upper Mzimvubu catchment farmers.

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