Miss Ntombekhaya”Khaya” Mgaba

Current position: Senior Technical OfficerNtombekhaya”Khaya” Mgaba

Qualifications: NDIP Analytical chemistry, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University; BSc (Hons) environmental water management, Rhodes University and MSc. in water resource management, Rhodes University


Work responsibility

Responsible for technical and purchasing responsibilities such as maintenance, calibration, service and repair of all scientific equipment. Management of laboratories to ensure that laboratory and general consumables are stocked and available at all times. Assist with field trips and laboratory analysis. Health and safety responsibilities. Supervision of interns and administrative responsibilities


Research interest

My research interests lie in fresh water resources management, biomonitoring, ecotoxicology and chemistry.


Recent Publications

 Odume, O.N., Mgaba, N., (2016).Statistical analysis of macroinvetebrate assemblage structure in relation to river-health assessment of an urban river, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, 19(4):420-430

 Mensah, P.K., Mgaba, N., Griffins, N., Odume, O.N., Palmer, C.G.(2017).Development of a procedure for determining the mixing ratios in ecotoxicological experiments and its application in binary salt mixture experiments. Springer doi: 10.1007/s10646-017-1829-9:1-7.


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