Dr Paul Kojo Mensah

Dr Paul Kojo Mensah (Pr. Sci. Nat., MRSSAf)   Paul Mensa    

Current position: Senior Researcher

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) (Biological Sciences), MSc (Zoology), PhD (Water Resources Science), PG Dip (Higher Education)

Email: p.mensah@ru.ac.za

Biography: I head the Ecotoxicology Unit of the Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality, Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University.  My research interests include Ecotoxicology, Water Quality, Environmental Health, Ecological Risk Assessment, Aquatic Ecology and Water Resources Management. I am also the coordinator of the Honours in Environmental Water Management Programme, teach Honours module Environmental Water Quality and 2nd Year module Water Resources.

Current projects:

  1. The application of ecotoxicity of salt management to water resource protection and use (domestic, agriculture and mining).
  2. The ecological risk of the interaction between acid mine drainage saline aquatic systems. 

Recent Publications

  1.  Mensah, P.K., Mgaba, N., Griffin N., Odume, N.O. and Palmer, C.G. 2017. Development of a procedure for determining the mixing ratios in ecotoxicological experiments and its application in binary salt mixture experiments. Ecotoxicology, 26, 1011-1017.
  2.  Vellemu, E., Mensah, P.K., Odume, O.N. and Griffin, N. 2017. Sensitivity of the mayfly Adenophlebia auriculata (Ephemeroptera: Leptophlebiidae) to MgSO4 and Na2SO4. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 100, 81-85.
  3. Odume, O.N., Palmer, C.G., Arimoro, F.O., Mensah P.K. 2016. Chironomid assemblage structure and morphological response to pollution in an effluent-impacted river, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Ecological Indicators, 67, 391-402.
  4. Cañedo-Argüelles, M., Hawkins, CP., Kefford, BJ., Schäfer, RB., Dyack, BJ., Brucet, S., Buchwalter, D., Dunlop, J., Frör, O., Lazorchak, J., Coring, E., Fernandez HR., Goodfellow, W., Achem, AL., Hatfield-Dodds, S., Karimov, BK., Mensah, P., Olson, JR., Piscart, C., Prat, N., Ponsá, S., Schulz, CJ., Timpano, AJ. 2016. Saving freshwater from salts. Science, 351(6276), 914-916.
  5. Mensah, P.K., Palmer, C.G., Odume, O.N., 2015. Ecotoxicology of Glyphosate and Glyphosate-based Herbicides: Toxicity to Wildlife and Humans. In: Larramendy, M.L. and Soloneski, S. (Eds), Toxicity and Hazard of Agrochemicals, InTech Publications, Rijeka, Croatia, pp. 93-112.
  6. Mensah, P.K., Palmer, C.G., Muller, W.J., 2014. Lethal and sublethal effects of pesticides on aquatic organisms: the case of a freshwater shrimp exposure to Roundup®. In: Larramendy, M.L. and Soloneski, S. (Eds), Pesticides: Toxic Aspects, InTech Publications, Rijeka, Croatia, pp. 163-185.
  7. Mensah, P.K., Palmer, C.G., Muller, W.J., 2013. Derivation of South African water quality guidelines for Roundup® using species sensitivity distribution. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 96, 24-31.


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