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Asanda Chili

Degree: Masters (Water Resource Science)

Working title of thesis: Development and application of a simple model and decision support system for linking instream water quality to discharge standards in water use license conditions

Supervisor/s: Dr O.N Odume, DR A.R Slaughter

Year of registration: 2019


I have a bachelor’s degree in geography and environmental science at Rhodes University. Graduating with Honours degree in Environmental Water Management, a course that was offered in the Institute of Water Research. My honours research project focused on the effects of sediment particle sizes on selected mayfly species. My current research for master’s thesis is focused on the contestations around the linkage between Resource Quality Objectives (RQO) and the water quality and discharge standards in the Water Use License, using the lower section of the upper Vaal as a case study.  The study also involves the development and application of a model and decision support system that will link RQO to the water use license conditions.

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