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David Gwapedza

Degree: PhD in HydrologyDavid Gwapedza

Working title of thesis: The development of a simple erosion and sediment transport model for application to data scarce African catchments.

Supervisor/s: Andrew R. Slaughter, Denis A. Hughes, Sukhmani K. Mantel

Year of registration: 2016


I have an Honours degree in Geography and population studies from Lupane State University (LSU), Zimbabwe. I proceeded to do an MSc at Rhodes University. The masters’ study focused on simplifying parameter estimation and further testing a sediment transport and delivery model. Regionalisation procedures using GIS coverages were applied to parameterize the model’s basin parameters. The model was tested on catchments of varying physical characteristic and sizes. The output was a relatively simple, effective sediment delivery model that can estimate sediment delivery at catchment scale.

I upgraded to from MSc to PhD and continued with testing and evaluating the model. The model is currently being applied to catchments across Africa. The model was further developed to include a module to route sediment across multiple sub-catchments. Temporal and spatial scale issues associated with the application of the model are being investigated and reported. The aim of the PhD research is to provide a simple effective tool for water resources management in Africa.


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