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Ms Notiswa Libala

STUDENT: Notiswa Libala

Degree: PhD (Water resource sciences)

Working title of thesis: Assessing resilience and vulnerability of hill slope seep wetland vegetation, in relation to livestock grazing, using a Social Ecological Systems approach, in the Tsitsa river catchment, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Supervisor/s: Dr O.N Odume and Prof C.G Palmer

Year of registration: 2016


Notiswa Libala is currently working on her PhD in water resource sciences at Rhodes University. In 2012 she received her four-year Bachelor of Science and Agriculture degree with majors in livestock and rangeland science. Notiswa also holds an MSc degree in agriculture (Rangeland science) from the University of Fort Hare. Her research background involves the fields of livestock production, ecology, and water resource sciences. These fields have a requirement for social and environmental interactions in common. As a research assistant at the Institute for Water Research, she gained an interest in water resource management. Her research interest lies in linking natural resource management associated with water and soil to the livelihoods and empowerment of rural people. Notiswa’s current research focuses on understanding the resilience and vulnerability of hill slope seep wetlands functionality to disturbances, in terms of their biodiversity and the supporting landscape and social processes. She is using the broad framework of social-ecological systems, taking a perspective that the overall system is an integrated unit with components that are mutually constitutive and co-supportive. She is a member of YWP and she believes that being a member of the young water professionals will improve her networking and career opportunities and also contribute to the sustainable management of land and water.


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