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Ovie Augustine Edegbene

Degree: Ph.D (Water Resource Science)

Working title of thesis: Developing a macroinvertebrate-based river health biomonitoring protocol for wadeable streams and rivers in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: application and management implications

Supervisor/s: Dr. Nelson Odume and Prof. Francis Arimoro

Year of registration: 2017


Ovie Augustine Edegbene is a Ph.D (Water Resource Science) candidate at Rhodes University. His research is centred on developing biomonitoring protocols for ecological assessment of rivers/streams in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, using macroinvertebrates taxonomic and trait based approach. He is also investigating institutional arrangements related to aquatic ecosystem health management in Nigeria. His research focus was burned out of the desire to salvage the Niger Delta area of Nigeria from incessant pollution occasioned by oil exploration activities. At the end of his research, he hoped to suggest meaningful mitigation measures which may be subscribed by aquatic resource managers and other concerned authorities in the water sector for effective biomonitoring of rivers/streams in Nigeria. 

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