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Ms Pindiwe Ntloko

STUDENT: Pindiwepicture of Pindiwe Ntloko

Degree: Water Resources Science

Working title of thesis: Impact of elevated sediment loads on macroinvertebrates structure and function in the Tsitsa River and its tributaries

Supervisor/s: Dr Odume and Prof Palmer

Year of registration: 2016


Currently, she is studying second year PhD at Rhodes Univesity in water resources sciences, mainly focused on assessing ecological indicators of water quality, for the assessment of aquatic ecosystem functioning, structure, processes and goods and services.  She is mainly focused on how can be functional traits of the ecosystem be impaired, if the system is poorly managed and which approaches, tools and methods can be used for the aquatic ecosystem assessment. For these reason, once the aquatic ecosystem functioning is disturbed (suspended and settled solids) animal and plant life is impacted. Therefore, this research is based evaluating sediment effects at multiple levels of structural biological organisations, sediment effects on traits linked ecosystem functioning in order to make recommendation for management, develop conceptual framework for using trait information for assessing effects of sediments linked to ecosystem, develop a trait-based predictive and diagnostic model for understanding macroinvertebrate response to elevated sediment.


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