Ms Teboho Mosuoe

Degree: PhD Anthropology

Supervisor: Professor Chris de Wet - Institute for Water Research (IWR)
Co-supervisor: Professor Robert Van Niekerk - Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)

Thesis Title: Policy Development and the Promotion of Responsible Resettlement outcomes

Research Focus:

Teboho Mosuoe-Tsietsi is a PhD candidate doing research on resettlement policies and the promotion of responsible resettlement outcomes. The study intends to assess the impact of policies on resettlement processes and outcomes, with empirical research being carried out in specific regions in Lesotho and India. As an Asian-Southern African comparative study, it draws from India's long-standing experience on resettlement policies and Lesotho's water project as one of the biggest dam projects in Africa. It is hoped that the findings of this research can contribute to the development of national level resettlement policies in Southern African countries.