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Bawinile Mahlaba

Degree: MSc Water Resource Sciences

Working title of thesis: Assessment of ecological infrastructure (EI) presence, current state and prioritization for rehabilitation and drought mitigation in Tsitsa River catchment

Supervisor/s: Dr. Sukhmani Mantel, and Dr. Jane Tanner

Year of registration: 2019


She holds BSc honours in Environmental Water Management and she has spent two years an intern at the Institute for water research focusing on water quality monitoring.

She is currently doing her master's degree focusing on natural resources that provide goods and services. Mapping out the key selected natural resource (wetlands, grasslands, cultivated lands, and riparian vegetation) and assessing how these resources can help with reducing drought frequency and strength, and the evaluation of ecological infrastructure presence, current state, and prioritization for rehabilitation in the Tsitsa catchment, in the Eastern Cape South Africa.

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