Mr Zwidofhelangani Lidzhegu

Degree: PhD (Water Resource Science)

Supervisors: Prof Fred Ellery and Dr. Sukhmani Mantel
Degree: PhD (Water Resource Science)
Working title of thesis: A classification of large African wetlands using earth observation and geographic information system

Year of Registration: 2014

Brief biography:
I am a first year PhD candidate, focusing on large African wetlands classification using earth observation and geographic information systems.

The study aims to group wetlands based on factors that influence their origin, and also examines the effect of these factors on wetland functionality
in respect of the ability of the wetland to store and retain water and sediment.  The efforts of the study are focused towards the effective management of these fresh water ecosystems that have
been degraded - mainly due to agriculture and overgrazing in Africa as a whole.

Began in 2011