Flow quality

Modelling of the relationship between flow and water quality in South African freshwater systems

Student: Mr AR Slaughter
Supervisors: Prof DA Hughes, Dr WJ Muller
Degree: PhD (Water Resource Science)

The project focuses on assessing existing water quality models, and if necessary, adapting or developing new model components, to model the relationship between flow and 1. EC/TDS, 2. Nutrients, in freshwater systems in South Africa. The overall modelling process will utilize a catchment level model that will asses land use practices on water quality, and an in-stream model that will model the fate of water quality constituents. Research into the fate of water quality constituents will involve experimentally investigating how flow affects the fate of nitrogen and phosphorus within the water column of the selected systems. The model will ideally take into account uncertainty and will model processes in the system it represents in a deterministic manner. The modelling process will also encompass sensitivity analysis and validation. A key aim of the project is to develop the simplest model possible that adequately models the system it represents. Research into implementing a model is at present utilizing DWAF water quality data for initial assessment of potential suitable catchments, and modelling is being implemented using the JAVA programming language and an underlying MySQL database. The model is being implemented using the Object Oriented Programming paradigm to facilitate future adaptation and extension of the software as the project progresses, although ultimately the model may be incorporated within the SPATSIM software.  

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