Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality (UCEWQ) Director's Report

Sponsor: Unilever
Leader: Dr WJ Muller
Staff: Mr AK Gordon, Dr N Griffin, Dr R Tandlich, Ms NP Gola, Ms N Ketse, Mr TJ Human
Students: Ms N Richardson, Mr AR Slaughter
Duration: Ongoing (funding was initiated in January 2003)

Aims and Objectives

The unencumbered funding provided by Unilever in 2007 has allowed the Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality to further broaden its scope in exploring the research avenues offered by the topic of environmental water quality. This funding allows us to move into new research fields currently not funded through other projects, as we develop the capacity to undertake relevant research (expertise, laboratory and equipment) with the view of being able to secure funding for this work (either through research projects or consultancy projects) in the near future. The new developments within the Centre remain aligned with the objectives of the Centre, the IWR and Unilever, and the funding provided by Unilever is gratefully acknowledged.

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