Sponsor: Various consultancy clients
Leader: Prof DA Hughes
Staff: Mr T Sawunyama, Mr E Kapangaziwiri
Duration: Throughout 2007

 A number of consultancy projects undertaken during 2007 have focussed on the application of hydrological analyses to support Reserve determinations or water resource assessments. These have been conducted at
various scales (small to large catchments) and in different parts of South Africa, the SADC region and elsewhere.

Example Projects

  •     Environmental flow requirement estimates for tributaries of the Maputo River in South Africa and Mozambique.
  •     Reserve determinations in South African rivers (Outeniqua Rivers, Sabie and Crocodile Rivers, Groot River and Sout River).
  •     Several water resource availability assessments for agricultural developments in South Africa and Mozambique.
  •     A water resource evaluation as part of the environmental impact assessment of the proposed Xolobeni heavy mineral sands abstraction project, Eastern Cape Province.
  •     Demonstration and training in the application of the SPATSIM framework and Pitman monthly rainfall-runoff model for simulating the water resources of the Dominican Republic.
  •     Implementation of the ecological Reserve within South Africa river basins (a DWAF project managed by Water for Africa).

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