Jan Smuts Hall Rules

Jan Smuts Hall








The students and staff of Jan Smuts Hall, inspired by the spirit of ubuntu-botho, acknowledge the challenges facing a diverse community of people with varying backgrounds, cultures and histories.


  • We strive to create a residential environment based on the principles and values of dignity, equality and freedom.


  • We recognise self-discipline, humility, loyalty, courtesy, self-respect and respect for others as essential for harmonious communal living.


  • The spirit of ubuntu-botho shall at all times inform the management of Jan Smuts Hall and its constituent Houses.




  • It is the responsibility of each student member of Jan Smuts Hall to be familiar with the Student Disciplinary Code (printed in the Rhodes University Calendar).
  • The following rules apply specifically to Jan Smuts Hall.  Should there by anything concerning the understated of which you remain uncertain, do not hesitate to approach any member of the Wardening Staff for assistance.
  • Students are required at all times to abstain from any conduct which may reasonably be regarded as unbecoming of a member of the University – especially drunken and or disorderly conduct.
  • Students are entitled to privacy at all times.  The harassment and/or intimidation of a student is strictly prohibited.  Any form of initiation is strictly prohibited and may result in permanent expulsion from the Hall as well as from the University.











Ms Veronica Israel

046 603 8030


078 758 3721







Adamson House

Dr. Sandile Khamanga

046 603 8029


082 547 9383



Atherstone House

Ms Veronica Israel

046 603 8030


078 758 3721



New House

Ms. Lisl Griffioen

046 603 8032


082 679 6317



Sobukwe House

Dr. Amos Chinomona

046 603 8031


076 998 7503



Atherstone & Adamson House & College House

Ms Vuyiswa Mame

046 603 8559

Speed dial : 5159



Sobukwe House/New House & New House Annexes

Ms Linda Vatela

046 603 8549

Speed dial :







The Hall Warden: the chief executive, administrative and disciplinary officer of the Hall.

The Hall Administrator: responsible for providing day-to-day administrative services to the Hall.

The Hall Committee: comprises the Hall Fellows, the Wardens, the Sub-wardens, the Hall Senior Student, the House Head Students and some other members of the House Committees; it acts as an advisory committee to the Hall Warden and provides a forum in which matters concerning the Hall may be discussed and decisions made.

The Hall Fellows: invited by the Hall Warden in consultation with the Hall Committee to assist and advise the Hall.

The House Wardens: responsible to the Hall Warden for the welfare and discipline of students in her House and for the maintenance of the fabric of her House and its moveable assets.

The Sub-Wardens: students appointed by the University to assist House Wardens with the smooth running of the Houses and to act as intermediaries between the students and the House Warden. Certain authority and disciplinary powers have been delegated to the Sub-wardens for use at their discretion.

The Senior Student of the Hall: elected by the students of the Hall in accordance with the Hall Constitution. The Hall Senior Student has a number of specific duties to perform as well as acting as an intermediary between students and the Hall Warden; she also provides a liaison between students of the Hall, the Hall Committee, and the Students Representative Council (SRC).

The Hall SRC Representative:  elected by the students of the Hall in accordance with the SRC Constitution.  The SRC Hall Rep, amongst other duties, provides a liaison between students of the Hall, the Hall Committee, and the Students Representative Council (SRC).

The Senior Student of the House: elected by the students during the fourth term of each year in accordance with the Hall Constitution.

The House Committee: elected by the students during the fourth term of each year in accordance with the Hall Constitution. The Sub-wardens and members of the House Committee, in addition to acting as an advisory committee to the House Warden, act as intermediaries between the students and wardens. They assist residents to adapt to university life, refer students for advice on social, academic and personal issues, and help to enforce policies and regulations for the well-being of residents.  The House Committee members are there for you; don't hesitate to ask for assistance.



Students are granted status as follows:


Seniors            : Graduates, students in their third or fourth year at a university, Hall and House Committee members, and SRC executive members.

Second-Years: Students who are in their second year of study at Rhodes University.

First-Years  : All students who have registered for the first time at Rhodes University in the current year. All first year students are required to do ‘First Year’ Duties.





Rooms are allocated by the Wardens  & Sub-wardens in the following order of preference:


a)         Sub-Wardens

b)         Senior Student of the Hall

c)         Senior Student of the House

d)         Remaining House Committee members

e)         Students remaining in same rooms as previous year

f)          Post-graduate and 4th years (academic); students who have previously served for one year on the House Committee in the residence; students on SRC executive committee

g)         3rd years (academic); SRC Hall Representative

h)         2nd years (academic)

i)          1st year (academic)

j)          International visiting students

k)         1st years and students transferred from other residences on Campus - no room choice

Should two or more students of equal rank want the same room, allocation will be based on academic achievement, contributions to the residence and certain other criteria as decided by the WARDEN.




6.1 Permission for Leave of Absence from lectures/tutorials/practicals must be obtained from the Head of Department concerned. Forms for leave of absence are obtainable from Departmental Secretaries, the Student Bureau, the Health Care Centre (HCC). Please consult the Health Care Centre or your doctor at the time you are ill (not afterwards) if you require a LOA for medical reasons. If you go to a private doctor remember to get a note from him while you are there to support any later request for a LOA .

6.2 Weekend Leave/Overnight Absence from Residence

No student under the age of 19 years who is in the first year of study at the University shall spend a weekend or short vacation away from home and out of residence without the prior written permission of a parent or guardian and the consent of the House Warden.  Weekend Leave (from after lectures on Friday to 07h45 on Monday) may be taken by students.  They must sign the “Weekend Book” indicating their weekend address and telephone number therein.

If student wishes to spend a night away from the residence (returning later than 3.00 am) should sign the "Weekend/Overnight Book" and indicate their address, their cell phone number, and if possible another contact telephone number. This is in the interest of the student's safety and the safety of others in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire. It will also be of assistance in the event of urgent messages from relatives, e.g., serious illness at home.

- The attention of all students is drawn to the Student Disciplinary Code relating to absence from the University





7.1 The physical address of the Hall (for couriers) is:

(Name of Student & Student No.)

(Name of House)* University Road Rhodes, University Grahamstown 6140

* Please ensure that the name of your residence is shown on all correspondence sent to you.

7.2 Change of address can be made on ROSS at https://ross.ru.ac.za.






8.1 Alcohol


  • No student may possess, store or consume any liquor other than beer, wine, cider or sherry whilst on the premises of Jan Smuts Hall, i.e., the Residences, Dining Hall, the grounds and environs thereof. No spirits, e.g. whisky, brandy, gin etc., are allowed. No ready-mixed spirit coolers unless the alcohol volume is less than 8%.
  • Beer, cider, wine, sherry, in moderate quantities only, may be consumed ONLY:

- In student rooms; or

- On occasions, with the consent of the Warden/ Hall Warden, in the Common Room after 5pm.

  • Under no circumstances may any liquor be given to any University employee for any reason at any time.
  • The holding of “ down downs”, “boat races”, “funnelling” , including any association with this practise is strictly forbidden an could lead to exclusion from the Hall.


  • For the sake of clarity

- this means that no liquor may be consumed in the Dining Hall or on the veranda, in T.V. Rooms, common rooms, the Passages, the Bathrooms, Toilets, Entrance Foyers, Courtyards or Duty Rooms of the Houses.

- Students may not carry open bottles or glasses of liquor in the areas mentioned above

- House Wardens may, at their discretion, further limit the times and places during which beer and wine may be consumed in their residences.

- No "parties" may be held in private rooms or the Common Rooms without the house warden's authority.

- The presence of three or more people in one room with loud noise with or without music and alcohol will be construed as being a party.



  • The Student Disciplinary code states:

-           “Voluntary intoxication caused by any substance to the extent that a person lacks intention or capacity is not a defence to any offence in this Code.”

-          “A student may not consume alcohol on any part of the University property without the written permission of the Vice- Chancellor, or such other person to whom the Vice-Chancellor has in writing delegated the authority to control the possession of or use of alcohol.” (The whole Campus is University property.)

-          Drunk and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary action.

8.2 Amenities

Each House has its own fridges, microwave ovens, washing machines, tumble driers, television sets with DSTV, for use by the occupants of the Houses. It is the sole responsibility of the students to keep the fridges and microwaves clean.

8.3 Early Arrival & late departure

-          On arrival at the beginning of each term every student must report to the Sub-warden/Warden and sign the Arrival Book. Should a student anticipate arriving late, (i.e., between 22:00 and 07:00) the Sub-Wardens/Warden must be informed.

-          Students not able to return from vacation within a day or two of the residences re-opening should inform the Warden of their date of return.

-          Early Arrival: Students wishing to return to residence before the normal opening time of residence (which is Sunday when University starts on Monday, in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th terms), should make prior application to the Residential Operations Office. The required form APPLICATION: Returning Early / Departing Late is available from the Hall Administrator or the Residential Operations Office.

-          Late Departure: Similarly, students who wish to remain in residence after the allowed period (24 hours after end of lectures in the 1st and 3rd terms; and 48 hours after their last exam in the second and fourth terms) must apply to the Residential Operations Office, and submit the required APPLICATION: Returning Early / Departing Late form.

-          Students will be charged at the daily rate for any extra days that are spent in residence.

-          Any student remaining in residence after completing her exams must note that any action of hers that causes a disturbance of any kind to the students still writing examinations will most likely result in that student being requested to leave immediately.

-          All students MUST sign the Departure Book before departing at the end of each term to enable the Housekeeping staff to attend to their duties. Students wishing to leave residence before the end of a term must inform the Warden/Sub-warden and sign the Departure Book.

-          Should the residence be scheduled to be used for conference accommodation during vacations, student rooms will have to be completely vacated and the rooms checked by a Sub-warden before the occupants leave.

-          It is essential that all residence keys issued to students be handed in at the end of the year and at the end of each term when the residence is being used for accommodation in the vacation. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action and or a debit being made against a student's account for a replacement.


8.4. Box - Rooms

-   Members of Jan Smuts Hall are permitted to store possessions in box-rooms and or designated areas, at their own risk.

-          Limited space is available in box rooms for the storage of students' belongings during vacations when rooms have to be vacated.

-          Box rooms should be packed neatly and consideration must be given to other packers.

-          All boxes and trunks must be sealed, and clearly labelled with the owner's name. Items are to be signed in/out of the box rooms by a Warden or Sub-Warden.

-          - Storage areas will NOT be opened during vacations.

The box room protocol is visible on each box room door and designated box rooms. Please familiarise yourself with its contents.

8.5 Campus Protection


- Students may not interfere with, or obstruct, a Campus Protection Officer or Guard in the execution of his duties.

-          Campus Protection may be contacted at 603-8146/ 8147 to make prior arrangements for CPU staff to escort students to or from residences at night, or should the student feel unsafe at any other time. Women students are warned of the dangers of walking alone in isolated places, especially after dark.

-          Cases of theft from rooms or vehicles should be reported to Campus Protection without delay, as well as to the Warden.

-          No student shall interfere with or obstruct a Campus Protection Officer

or Guard in the execution of his/her duties.

-          NOTE:           It is a serious disciplinary offence to give false or incorrect information or to withhold information when a student is asked by a Campus Protection Officer/Guard to supply his/her name and/or place of residence.

8.6. Changing of rooms and locks

- Students may not change rooms or door locks without the prior permission of the House Warden.


- Students who receive permission to change his or her room must complete a new room statement or run the risk of paying for the repair of all maintenance in the room.


8.7 Cleaning

-          Rooms must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

-          Students are required to clean their own rooms.

-          It is an offence to obstruct a member of the Housekeeping staff in the course of her/his duty.

8.8 Cooking

-          No cooking whatsoever is permitted in student rooms. Any breach of this rule will result in disciplinary action and appliance(s) confiscated.

-          Preparation of light snacks only may take place in the residence kitchenettes using University appliances. Microwave ovens are available to heat food, but are not to be used for major food preparation. They must be kept clean by the students using them.


8.9 Damage to and loss of University property


-          In the case of damage to, or loss of, University property the student or students responsible, if known, will be required to bear the cost, such cost maybe charged either against a particular group of students or against the general fund of the body of students.


-          If any room or its contents (walls, doors, windows, floor, furniture, fittings, etc) is damaged in any way, the student occupant will be liable for the cost of repairs.


-          Room Statements must be completed and handed to the Warden, Sub-warden, or Hall Administrator within seventy-two hours of a student's arrival. Failure to do so will result in a student being held responsible for any damage to and/or loss of property subsequently found in the room concerned.


-          Any deficiencies or damage which may occur in a student's room while he/she is in occupation, and for which he/she is not responsible, shall be reported in writing to the House Warden by the student within 24 hours of its occurrence.


-          If the report mentioned above is not made it will be irrefutably presumed that the deficiencies or damage are the responsibility of the occupant of the room, who will be required to bear the cost thereof.


-          No student shall wilfully or negligently damage any property in Jan Smuts Hall belonging to the University, or a member of staff or another student.


-          Damage done to any property of the University must be reported in writing to the House Warden by the person or persons responsible.


-          A student who damages property whilst under the influence of alcohol/liquor or drugs will be severely dealt with.


-          Special care must be exercised to avoid damage to parquet floors and carpets by flooding.  In particular, taps must not be left on when water supply is off.  If you are not sure whether the tap is turned off, take the plug out of the basin.


-          No person may interfere with the lights, lighting systems,

heating systems, or firefighting equipment.


-          Any deficiencies or damage found in any room when first occupied by a student must be reported to the House Warden in writing within 48 hours of arrival. 


-          Any damage or deficiencies which may occur in a student’s room    

while he/she is in occupation, and for which he/she is not responsible, must be reported in writing to the House Warden by the student within 24 hours of its occurrence.  If such a report is not made it will be irrefutably presumed that the damage or deficiencies are the responsibility of the occupant of the room, who will be required to bear the cost thereof.


-          Writing on and permanent attachments to bedroom doors are strictly prohibited.



8.10 Discipline


-          No student of Jan Smuts Hall may engage in any form of conduct that may reasonably be regarded as unbecoming in a student of the Hall or the University, be it on or off the University Campus.

-          It is an offence for students to aid and abet other students to break the rules of the Hall or the University.

-          It is a serious offence to give false or incorrect information when asked by a Campus Protection Officer/Guard to supply your name and/or place of residence to such Officer/Guard.

-          Not obeying a lawful instruction is a disciplinary offence

  1. PLEA OF DRUNKENNESS - In terms of a Senate Resolution, drunkenness is an aggravating and not a mitigating circumstance. Drunk and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. It is regarded as "Conduct Unbecoming".


  1. RIGHTS - Before any disciplinary action is taken against a student, they have the right -

i)          to be given the particulars of the alleged disciplinary offence,

ii)        to 72 hours’ notice of the disciplinary hearing (only if the charge is being denied),

iii)       to put forward their side of the story to the Warden, Sub-warden, etc.


  1. REVIEW - If you consider that:

i)          the penalty imposed is so excessive as to be unjust,

ii)        the facts found proved do not constitute an offence, or

iii)      that you have been prejudiced by not being afforded your rights in "B" above (and other similar complaints) you may have the matter reviewed either by the Hall Warden or the Chairperson of the Hall Disciplinary Committee. Speak to your Warden, Sub-warden or Head Student if you wish to take a matter on review, and advise the Hall Warden, in writing, within three days of being sentenced, that you wish to exercise your rights to review and would like a record of the hearing.



-          These penalties MAY NOT be REDUCED OR INCREASED without a disciplinary hearing being held. The object of this procedure is to do away with disciplinary hearings in certain limited cases.

-          These penalties may only be imposed upon a student where s/he admits guilt. If the student does not admit guilt then a disciplinary hearing MUST be held.

-          The disciplinary authority does not have to utilise the admission of guilt procedure and may decide to hold a hearing.

-          This schedule does not create offences: it only relates to penalties for existing offences.

-          Monetary fines will only be imposed only in exceptional circumstances.


8.11 The Dining Hall

-          At all meals, the dress may be informal, but must be decent. 

-          The wearing of bathing costumes is not permitted.

-          No meals may be served in bedrooms without the permission of the House Warden or a Sub-Warden or the Hall Warden.

-           No student may enter the kitchen without the permission of a Caterer or a Warden.

-          - Any complaints about the food or service must be directed to the Hall Warden, or a House Warden, or an elected House Food Representative.

-          - Complaints may not be made to the catering staff in the kitchen.

-          - Complaints directed to a House Food Representative must be brought to the attention of the Hall Warden as soon as possible.

-          No plates, cups, saucers, glasses, knives, forks, spoons etc are to be removed from the Dining Hall.

-          Meal times for all Dining Halls are the same:




Weekdays (Monday – Friday)





07:00 – 08:15

12:00 – 14:00

17:00 – 18:30


Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays




08:00 – 09:15

12:00 – 13:30

17:00 – 18:30

If there are Saturday exams, breakfast time on Saturdays will be the same as during weekdays. (07:00–08:15).

-          You are requested to vacate the Dining Hall no later than 15 minutes after closing time.

-          NO SMOKING is permitted in the Dining Hall or on the Dining Hall verandah on any occasion.

-          Students must be appropriately dressed and footwear worn to meals. For example, swimming costumes or pyjamas are not appropriate. Swimming costumes and leotards should be covered by a skirt, tracksuit or adequate sarong.

-           No student or guest may enter the Dining Hall unless they have a meal booked and validated at the check point. Students must double book a meal if they have a guest or visitor; it is not permitted to share a meal with them. It is an offence to unlawfully obtain, or attempt to obtain; food; this may lead to exclusion for theft.

- Please note that meals will not be issued to students whose fingerprint or student card is not recognised. If there is a system malfunction, students may use student cards as an alternative for obtaining meals.

-       Packed meals are available only if you are unable to attend a meal because of academic or sporting commitments. They may be obtained if arrangements are made at least 48 hours in advance.

-        Seconds may be obtained, if there is sufficient food available, by returning to the servery with

your plate, applying to the caterers, and checking in at the console to indicate that seconds have been taken: from 13.50 at lunchtime during the week and from 18.30 at dinnertime. These are the times at which the server console becomes active to register seconds.

Food limitations

  1. You are only permitted to take four slices of bread;
  2. You may take one glass of juice and one fruit, or two juices, or two fruits.

Removing food from dining hall

No food or drink may be taken out of the Dining Hall, except your carton of yoghurt at breakfast, your allocation of fruit.

-          NO crockery or cutlery may be taken out of the Dining Hall.

- Before you leave the Dining Hall please ensure that you have cleared your place of all crockery, etc. and placed your tray in the hatch or on the tray trolley.

- Once having left after the consumption of a meal, students are not allowed to come back to the Dining Hall during the same meal time.

- On certain days when kitchen staff do not come to work (e.g., 1st May) alternative meal arrangements will be made by Food Services and students in residence will be notified of these.


Special Hall Functions

-    Various special Hall functions are held during the year.

-          Vegetarian and special diets will be catered for at Formal Dinners provided the Hall Administrator or Hall Senior Student has been notified well in advance. Those on special diets may be required to fetch their meal from the kitchen (a meal voucher will be provided in such event).

          - If you are unable to attend a function, you will be responsible for your own meal.  Please note that it is your responsibility to unbook your meal on the res system if you have specified you are not attending a formal function.


No portion of food or drink may be removed from the dining hall on special occasions.


8.12 Drugs


In terms of the Student Disciplinary Code:

“A student may not be in unlawful possession of or deal in or distribute any drugs for which a prescription is required by law, or of any drug the possession of which is forbidden by law.

8.13 Duties

-          Duties to be carried out by first years and House Committee members will be decided by the respective House or Hall Committees and posted on notice boards in the Houses. All first years, irrespective of status, may be assigned special duties, e.g., preparing for or cleaning up after House or Hall functions.



8.14 Electrical Usage

Students must adhere to the University rules regarding the use of electricity.

-          Students may not keep or operate a toaster, snackwich maker, electric frying pan, braai, gas cooker, hot plate or any other electrical appliance used for the preparation of food.

-          All kettles MUST stand on a tray to catch any water spillage.

-          Immersion heaters are forbidden.

-          Students may not have fridges in their rooms. Written application may be made to the Director of Student Affairs for exception, if the student has a valid doctor’s certificate.

-          Irons may not be used in student rooms. Each house has areas designated for ironing; an ironing board must be used.

-          HEATERS must be switched off when the room is vacated for any time or when the student goes to sleep.

-          No personal/ additional/ loose heaters are permitted in residence.

NOTE: Failure to switch off a heater is a serious disciplinary offence as it is a fire hazard.


 - Heaters must NOT be used for cooking, making toast or any other purpose for which they are not intended. Damage to a heater, or failure or malfunctioning of the lighting, power system or University electrical equipment in a student's room must be reported immediately.








Electrical Quick Guide

You have 3 power points or plugs in your room

  1. Square pin socket to be used ONLY for University study lamp and/or your computer
  2. Round pin plug at low level, to be used for personal electrical appliances, kettle, hairdryer, radio etc.
  3. Heater plug, i.e., round pin socket at high level, ONLY for the heater that is mounted on the wall.

NEVER plug anything else into the heater socket

NEVER plug anything other than a computer or study lamp into the square pin socket

NEVER use irons, electric blankets, private heaters, or any cooking appliances in your room

NEVER leave the heater on if you are not in your room REPORT any electrical problems immediately



8.15 Employment of Casual Labour


Casual labour may not be employed on the Hall premises (e.g. for washing cars).

NOTE:           The employment of the University’s staff to perform casual labour for students is prohibited.


8.16 End of Term

-          Your rooms are to be checked by the Sub-wardens before you leave. Anything found missing or damaged will be charged to your account. Rooms must be left in a clean and neat state. All room and front door keys are to be handed in when you leave. Any missing keys are to be reported to the Warden.

-          At the end of the year, if you need books for summer school or supplementary exams, take them with you. The box rooms will not be available before students return for O-week.

If you are leaving the residence for good:

-          Anything left behind and not fetched by you before the start of the second term will be disposed of.

ONLY students RETURNING the next term may store their possessions in the Residence box

rooms (Beit and Oriel students may apply to their wardens to consider storage in their residence conditionally).

-          Make sure you remove all your belongings from box rooms when you finally pack up or when you collect your belongings.

-          Please remember that it is your responsibility to make arrangements to have your belongings fetched.

If you are returning next term:

-          You may have your belongings checked into the box rooms at your own risk.

-          NO luggage or boxes etc are to be left on the landings, in passages, or in rooms.

-          Sub-wardens, Hall Senior Student, House Head Students and SRC Hall Rep are extended the privilege of not having to pack up their rooms, except during the December holidays when all students must pack-up their rooms. Under certain circumstances the Hall Warden might deem it necessary to withdraw this privilege.

Additional instructions may be issued for procedures to be followed at the end of terms.


8.17 Exclusion

Should a student commit any of the following offences they could face exclusion:

  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Fraud
  • Deliberate damage of property
  • Cheating in exams
  • Drunk and disorderly behaviour
  • Unlawful possession of drugs
  • A second visiting offence in a single academic year
  • Intentionally interfering with emergency equipment



8.18 Firearms

-          Possession or use of firearms is prohibited in residences. Any such weapon should be deposited, with a copy of the firearm licence, for safe keeping with Campus Protection Unit.


8.19 Fire Drills

-          Students are to ensure that they are fully informed of the procedure to follow in case of fire or emergency. Fire safety notices are posted on residence notice boards and a Fire Precautions and Instructions information sheet is issued to each student. Students are to make sure they know these precautions and instructions.

-          Fire drills are held four times a year. Additional fire drills will be held should the evacuation procedure not be completed satisfactorily.

-          Every possible precaution should be taken to avoid a potential fire. In particular, ensure that heaters are switched off while unattended or while you are sleeping, extinguish cigarettes properly and ensure that all electrical appliances are safe and correctly connected.

-          Attendance and participation in fire drill are compulsory for all students of the House.


8.20 Fireworks

-          Fireworks may not be kept, or set off, in the precincts of Courtenay-Latimer Hall.



8.21 Furniture, Furnishing or Other University Property

-          No furniture, furnishings or other University property may be removed from any room without the consent of the Warden or Housekeeper.


8.22 House Meetings

-          House meetings may be called by the Hall Warden, Warden, Sub-wardens, House Head Student or Hall Senior Student, and it is compulsory for all occupants of the House to attend them.

-          If you are unable to attend a meeting, apologies must be given to the Warden BEFORE the meeting, and

-          the onus is on you to find out what was discussed at the meeting. Failure to comply is a fineable offence.


8.23 Housekeeping Services

-                 Cleaning equipment is available in each residence for use by students.

-                 Students are required to make their own beds and keep their rooms clean, including basins and/or baths in student rooms.

-                 Students are expected to clean the baths after use and to leave bathrooms, showers and toilets in a state such as they would like to find them.

-                 The housekeeping staff are responsible for cleaning all public areas. However, consideration for staff must be given and no area may be left untidy or in such a state as to cause offence.


8.24 Illness or Injury

-          Illness or injury must be reported at once to the House Warden or a Sub-Warden.

-          In the event of a student being admitted to hospital or the Health Care Centre, the House Warden as well as the Hall Warden must be informed as soon as possible.

-          Students are not permitted to request a doctor to make a house visit to the residence. Any student who is too ill to attend the doctor's surgery must go to the Health Care Centre.

-                 The Health Centre Sister is on call 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. Phone the Health Care Centre during office hours on 046-603 8523 or after hours, for emergencies only, on 082 801 1409.


-                 Medicines for minor ailments (e.g. headaches, minor cuts and abrasions) are kept in the residence first aid boxes, located in the office of each residence, and are available from the Warden or Sub- wardens.

-                 Illness or injury must be reported at once to the House Warden or Sub-warden and in the event of a student being admitted to hospital or the Health Care Centre, the House Warden must be informed as soon as possible. Students who are ill in bed may not remain in the residence for longer than 24 hours; after this period admittance to the Health Care Centre will be required.



In Term Time:

Monday to Friday                   08:00 – 17:00

Saturdays, Sundays and         09:30 – 12:30

Public Holidays                      14:00 – 17:00


During University Vacations:

Weekdays                               09:30 – 12:30


Students can make an appointment at the Health Care Centre to see a Nurse or a Doctor. Please make appointments by Phone: 046-603 8523 or Email: healthcarecentre@ru.ac.za


See: http://www.ru.ac.za/healthcentre


The Counselling Centre

Located on the top floor of the Steve Biko Building on Prince Alfred Street. Monday to Friday                   08:00 – 17:00

In  order  to  make  an  appointment,  telephone  (046)  603  7070  during  Office  Hours  or  email counsellingcentre@ru.ac.za, or simply walk up to the centre and speak to the receptionist.



Emergency number for Counselling Centre:

The Psychological Emergencies Line: After normal office hours (from 5pm to 8.00am daily and on the weekends), the Psychological Emergency Number 082 803 0177 is operated by the staff of the Counselling Centre. This number is for the use of students who are experiencing psychological emergencies. If the problem is not an emergency, then rather come to the centre during office hours.


8.25 Incense

-                 It is not normally permitted to burn incense in the residences.


8.26 Harassment

Harassment is unwanted behaviour that is intimidating or demeaning and can include:

  • verbal behaviors e.g. abusive or offensive comments;
  • threats of reprisal (such as not receiving good marks) for not co-operating with sexually-oriented requests;
  • the promise of a reward (higher marks) for submitting to a sexually-oriented request;
  • non-verbal behaviors such as offensive gestures or posters;
  • physical behaviours such as unwanted and intrusive touching (extreme forms include assault and rape).


The Counselling Centre deals with all types of harassment amongst students, including sexual, racial, and political, as well as harassment based on an individual’s sexual orientation or religious beliefs. If a student is being harassed, they should discuss it with their Warden, and then contact the Counselling Centre (in the first instance), a Psychologist nominated by the Counselling Centre as Acting Harassment Officer will assist them in deciding how they wish to proceed. Options include:

  • A meeting with the Acting Harassment Officer and the accused to see if the matter can be sorted out informally and amicably. No penalty is involved;
  • A formal mediator can be appointed to mediate the case. No penalty is involved;
  • The matter can be referred to the University Prosecutors and formal disciplinary procedures can be followed. If the individual is found guilty, the University will determine the penalty;
  • Criminal charges may be laid with the SA Police. All complaints of harassment are treated in the strictest confidence. Students must be assured that the University will endeavour to support them in their chosen course of action.


The Division of Student Affairs works very closely with the student to ensure that they are 'protected' throughout the process and that beneficence and non-maleficence are core values. The Division of Student Affairs office has the students’ interest at heart. The Vice Chancellor is supportive of the above mechanisms

The student is referred to Counselling and receives support throughout. Contact: (046) 603 8181 or studentaffairs@ru.ac.za




8.27 Laundry

-                 Students are expected to do their personal laundry in the washing machines and tumble driers which are provided in the residences.

-                 A booking system is in operation for the use of the machines and times must be adhered to so as not to inconvenience other users.

-                 Laundry-room opening and closure times in each of the Houses will be displayed on the notice boards.

-                 Wash lines are provided in an enclosed area for the use of students. Students are warned against leaving washing outside overnight as it may be stolen.

-                 Laundry machines may not be used outside of the times on the booking sheets.

-                 It is not permitted to use the residence washing machines to do laundry for persons not a  resident .-- Laundry handed in late, or left outside the laundry-room will not be accepted, nor will it be the responsibility of the Wardens, Sub-Wardens, Housekeeper or Housekeeping staff to return such laundry to the student(s) concerned.


8.28 Littering

-          Littering constitutes a serious offence and will be severely penalized.


8.29 Privacy


-          No student may enter another student’s room without the latter’s permission.

-          Students are entitled to privacy at all times.  The harassment and intimidation of a student is strictly prohibited.  Any form of initiation is strictly prohibited and may result in permanent expulsion from the Hall as well as from the University.

-          No student may tamper with another student’s property or post.

-          Playing on the lawn in front of Jan Smuts House during silence hours is strictly prohibited.


8.30 Pets

-          No pets may be kept in residence.

-          Students may not bring animals into the Hall or a House or feed animals in any part of the Hall.


8.31 Possession of Firearms 


The Students’ Disciplinary Code applies:


“Firearms (including Air-rifles and air-guns) may not be brought into or used on any part of the University property without the permission of the Principal”.

8.32 Quietness

-          Reasonable quietness must be observed in the House and Hall and within the precincts of the Houses at all times.


-          Silence must be strictly maintained at the following times:


8.00am – 12.30pm

2.00pm -    5.00pm

7.00pm – 7.00am


                        NB These times may change during exam periods.


NOTE: If musical instruments (including radios, TV’s etc)  are played in breach of rules 4(a) and (b) above, they may, in addition to any other penalty which may be imposed, be confiscated.


-          The occupant of each bedroom shall be responsible for the quietness and behaviour of all persons in his/her bedroom.

-          Any damage to and/or loss of property subsequently found in the room concerned.

8.33 Room Checks

-          No student may give or lend or otherwise dispose of his room

key to any other person under any circumstances.


-          No student may borrow or acquire in any other way a room key of any other student.

-          Residents of a House are issued with a chip and/or a key to his

or her Residence.


-          No person other than the authorised key may use the key.



-          In the event of problems being encountered when locking the door, the matter must be reported to the Sub-Warden or Warden immediately.


8.34 Smoking

-          Smoking is NOT permitted in any residence rooms or any public places, including the courtyards, in the residences.

-          Smokers are expected to be considerate about their smoking, even when outside the building. Do not smoke within five metres of an entrance/exit door or outside an open window of a residence room or the dining hall.

-          Cigarette butts must not be left to litter the Hall verandas, grounds and gardens – they may be disposed of in refuse bins.


8.35 Theft


Theft of private and University property must be reported immediately to the House Warden.


NOTE:           The University accepts no responsibility for loss or theft of or damage to private property.


8.36 Vehicles


-          A student possessing a motor vehicle/cycle which is kept at Jan Smuts Hall must advise the House Warden and the Hall Secretary of the make, model, colour and registration number of such vehicle within one day of registering as a member of the Hall.


-          Students vehicles may not be parked:-


i)                    In the driveway between Jan Smuts Annexes and Jan Smuts House.

ii)                  Behind Jan Smuts House or on the pavement in front of Jan Smuts House.

iii)                On the pavement around Atherstone House.

iv)                On the turning circle outside “New House”

v)                  On the pavement around “New House”


-          The rule above also applies to motorcycles which are furthermore not allowed up the steps to Atherstone front lawn.



Additional Rules


Additional rules may be made from time to time.  These will be posted on the notice boards in each house and/or on the Hall Warden’s Notice board.  It is the duty of all students to familiarise themselves with all rules applicable to Jan Smuts Hall.



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