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Putting the RAD in POSTGRAD!

Date Released: Wed, 27 September 2017 11:13 +0200

Rhodes JMS has various Postgraduate degrees and diplomas on offer. The courses offered aim to produce thoughtful and imaginative media practitioners and the approach of the school is to integrate intellectual study with the production of media. Students also have the opportunity to work on a range of media projects.

Honours in journalism and media studies

How does the media influence the way we think about race, class, gender and ability?  How does it shape who we are, and how we think?
If you’re interested in these issues, or you'd like to discover more about how the media and journalism might better challenge the status quo rather than reinforce existing power dynamics, the JMS Honours degree is the academic experience for you. And if you’re intrigued by how, in the digital era, new technologies are disrupting the way media is produced and consumed, the JMS degree will help you understand the rapid changes in media in modern societies.
Taught by experienced academics, the Honours programme is an exciting, intense academic experience that will expand your scholarly horizons. The paper is taught via a combination of four papers and a research assignment. 



Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies (PGDip JMS)

The PGDip JMS is aimed at students who have typically done a non-journalism degree and are looking for a postgraduate route into the media industry. It is a one year intensive programme in which media studies and media practices are blended to enable students to begin a career in news media.

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies (PgDip) is a bridging course between any academic discipline and the news media industry. It is a quick gateway to media practice for people who want to change careers, or those who have not studied journalism at an undergraduate level.

Think of it as a three or four-year journalism degree course compressed into just nine months. It’s meant for graduates who want to go into media but do not have three years to invest in a full undergraduate degree in Journalism and Media Studies.



Postgraduate Diploma in Economics Journalism (PGDip EJ)

THE PGDipEJ IS A PART-TIME COURSE TAUGHT OVER TWO YEARS. The Post-Graduate Diploma in Economics Journalism (PGDip EJ) builds on the journalistic skills of the participants by giving them the intellectual tools to report on issues and events in the Economics arena in a way that improves their career prospects and deepens their understanding of business journalism. Because it is a part-time course, it is ideal for working journalists who want to switch to business journalism or any professional who wants to study business journalism part-time.




Masters in Journalism and Media Studies (MA in JMS)

The MA programme is designed to provide a broad understanding of the field of Journalism and Media Studies and aims to ensure that you graduate with a broad view of the different components that constitute the field. It purposely avoids an approach that focuses on themes related to the media in favour of one that is conceptually based and that provides a sophisticated theoretical understanding of the interrelationships between media and society. This requires that students understand how issues of media content, production, audience and context are all intricately linked. Thorough research in any one of these areas depends on an understanding of their interrelationship. This course is ONLY offered as a full-time in-attendance, coursework and half-thesis course, done over two years.



PHD in journalism

Doctoral studies are undertaken by full thesis and under the guidance of supervisors. Students are accepted depending on staff availability, the candidate’s academic record, and in relation to the topic. PProspective students are invited to enquire about the possibility of being accepted.



APPLICATIONS FOR ALL COURSES (except PHD) CLOSE ON 31 OCTOBER 2017 (for 2018 intake)


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