Alette Schoon


BSc Maths (UP): Nat Dip Film and Video (Technikon Pretoria), Hons Journalism (Wits), MA Journalism and Media Studies (Rhodes), PhD (UCT).

Alette teaches Television Production. Her professional projects include producing inserts for SABC2 on culture and development, educating and training professional journalists in new approaches to TV News and exploring the impact of mobile media. She recently completed her PhD.

News and Latest Research

Alette recently completed a PhD at UCT exploring how media-savvy hip-hop artists from low-income neighbourhoods use their mobile phones in conjunction with computers and laptops to produce innovative media ecologies. She is also busy publishing work from her MA research, as well as some recent work on the Facebook page of The Daily Sun newspaper.


Research Published Online:

Izolo: mobile diaries of the less connected 

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