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Postgraduate Diploma in Economics Journalism: (part-time)


Ryan hanckoks 
Year Co-ordinator: Mr Ryan Hancocks

Room: 205

Email: r.hancocks@ru.ac.za



Fourth-year, part-time course (120 credits at NQF level 8)

Entrance requirements: An undergraduate degree in in any discipline (NQF 7).

Course description: The qualification, which is run part- time over two years, builds on the journalistic skills of participants by giving them the intellectual tools to report on issues and events in the economic arena in a way that improves their career prospects and deepens their understanding of business, economics, and financial journalism. The programme consists of eight modules. Seven of the modules are subject-specific and each revolves around a weekly lecture/seminar using our online teaching platform. Each module will be evaluated with a self-driven assignment. The eighth module constitutes the capstone assignment which is a year-long deliverable and evaluates the student’s ability to critically analyse the subject space.

Online classes will be held weekly during a two-hour session from 13:00 to 15:00 (times and online session may differ depending on the module requirements). These extended lunch classes are designed to allow working professionals to participate and engage in weekly sessions that maintain learning touchpoints and engagement across the academic year. Outside of set classes students will be expected to complete allocated readings and practical assignments.

Students are required to have a stable internet connection and computer setup capable of supporting two-way video and audio interaction to participate in the modules.

Prospective students should be aware that standard attendance requirements of 70% are needed to receive a Duly Performed (DP) to be able to write and submit work for each module. As such while classes are held online, they will be taught in real-time and students are expected to meet the attendance requirements, any absence will require a Leave-of-absence (LOA) document with sufficient proof from the School of Journalism and Media Studies.

Layout of Modules:

Year 1:

Financial Journalism

Economics Journalism

Financial Markets

Media Landscape

Year 2:

Accounting and Finance for Journalists

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Public Policy

Capstone Assignment



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