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Honours in journalism and media studies

How does the media influence the way we think about race, class, gender and ability?  How does it shape who we are, and how we think? 

If you’re interested in these issues, or you'd like to discover more about how the media and journalism might better challenge the status quo rather than reinforce existing power dynamics, the JMS Honours degree is the academic experience for you. And if you’re intrigued by how, in the digital era, new technologies are disrupting the way media is produced and consumed, the JMS degree will help you understand the rapid changes in media in modern societies. 

Taught by experienced academics, the Honours programme is an exciting, intense academic experience that will expand your scholarly horizons. The paper is taught via a combination of four papers and a research assignment. 

Depending on student numbers and staff availability papers are occasionally also offered in topics related to digital media, media and mobile communication, environmental journalism and financial reporting.

Honours students may also choose to do a paper in another humanities department at Rhodes, subject to approval by JMS and by the other department.

Admission requirements

Students should have a strong Bachelors degree in a relevant discipline (usually a humanities subject that includes some critical theory, such as sociology, history, political studies, anthropology, English etc). Students who do not get at least 65% for both their majors are usually not considered for the JMS Honours.

Applications can be made until the end of the year, but it is preferable to apply before 30 October as places are limited.

Each applicant must submit a CV,  an academic transcript and a letter of motivation, which outlines why they wish to study this Honours.

The JMS also offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies for students who have an initial degree and wish to become journalists. The JMS Honours is a more theory-focussed degree, while the diploma is for those who wish to fast-track a career in journalism or media work. Most students do the Honours degree in order to be accepted in either the JMS Masters programme, or a Masters programme at another univeristy.

Download paper copy application forms HERE, or visit the ONLINE APPLICATIONS gateway. For more information telephone the Student Bureau, 27 (0) 46 603 8276 or email registrar@ru.ac.za. For further information contact the Post-Graduate Administrator ammadmin@ru.ac.za.

The JMS reserves the right not to offer any of the above-mentioned papers or specialisations if student numbers do not warrant it.

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