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Masters in Journalism and Media Studies

Please note the MA programme is a TWO-YEAR, FULL-TIME, IN-ATTENDANCE ONLY coursework and half-thesis programme.

The MA programme is designed to provide a broad understanding of the field of Journalism and Media Studies and aims to ensure that you graduate with a broad view of the different components that constitute the field. It purposely avoids an approach that focuses on themes related to the media in favour of one that is conceptually based and that provides a sophisticated theoretical understanding of the interrelationships between media and society. This requires that students understand how issues of media content, production, audience and context are all intricately linked. Thorough research in any one of these areas depends on an understanding of their interrelationship.

This approach will enable you to conduct research into a wide range of media interests: newsroom practices, media democracy, broadcast policy, community radio, HIV/Aids media, gender issues, sports media, new media, globalised media and reception, tabloids, development media, etc. The School of Journalism and Media studies has a range of specialist knowledge in the broad fields and can supervise across a range of important areas.

Other than the educational rationale, this approach responds to the financial constraints of offering a number of research focuses to a relatively small group of students with differing interests with each intake. This flexibility enables us simultaneously to adjust to the particular interests of specific sponsors, for example, mid-career journalists funded by their media organisations; media educators funded by their tertiary institutions, as well as international bodies concerned with media development.

Our location in Grahamstown is somewhat unusual for a Journalism and Media Studies School. This distance from urban centres is arguably enabling for students engaged in focused study, particularly as there is a well resourced and efficient library system. We have a dedicated post-graduate computer laboratory and seminar rooms, electronic resources and support programmes. As a relatively small university, students receive personal attention and supervision from our well-qualified staff that work in a range of specialised areas and have published widely in the field, both nationally and internationally.

Our MA consists of a coursework module which counts for 50% of the mark followed by a half-thesis which counts for 50%.  The MA should take between 18 months and two years to complete. 

We pride ourselves on the high standards of research produced by our graduates who have made a significant contribution to media education, scholarship and practice across Africa.

Degree structure

Join us and be a part of the experience.

For more information please contact the Post-Graduate Administrator, ammadmin@ru.ac.za.



APPLY ONLINE (or via hard-copy by scanning it in or handing it in at Student Bureau registrar@ru.ac.za) and add the following documents:

1. CV

2. Motivational Letter (why you'd like to do the course and what you can bring to it)

3. Transcripts of all previous degrees/diplomas

4. Copy of all previous degrees/diplomas

5. Research area interest (one-page)

6. Example of academic writing

Please ensure your research interest is added in the designated area (last question) on page 2 of the Master's Application form. Please ignore the
question about supervisor as we only allocate them at the end of your coursework year.


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