Admission requirements

The normal requirement for admission to a Master’s degree is a four-year qualification of an acceptably high standard, usually a three-year Bachelor’s degree, plus good Honours degrees in a relevant subject; or a satisfactory pass in a four-year degree.

Where a candidate has extensive experience and/or is judged to have considerable potential as a researcher, but lacks the formal qualifications normally required for registration for a Master’s degree, they should submit a full motivation for their admission Ad eundem gradum, with supporting documentation to the Head of Department.

For more information please see the Higher Degrees Guide (click to download)


Applications for the next MA course, both full and part time, close on the 30 September and the academic year begins in January.

Your application, including supporting documentation and application fee (receipt) can be:

  1. Faxed to: The Registrar, at (27-46)-6038127 / 6038104 or
  2. Sent by courier to: Dawn Long, School of Journalism and Media Studies,
    Upper Prince Alfred Street
    South Africa
    Tel: (27)46-603 7104 or
  3. Submitted electronically to:

Please note that there is a non-refundable application fee of R100 due on application.


You can visit the Post-Graduate Gateway for more information and downloadable application forms or use the ONLINE application gateway.

For more information contact:

Supporting documentation

To assist us in making appropriate choices for next year we are asking all candidates for the following information:

  1. A completed student application form;
  2. A full CV detailing academic and professional history and experience;
  3. A certified copy of your academic transcript
  4. A typed one-page rigorous motivation on why you feel you should be accepted into the programme. Include such areas as:• the reasons you chose to apply to study in the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University• what you would like to achieve from your studies at Rhodes University• what particular strengths you bring to the course• the professional direction you envisage after completion of your degree• any other information that could support your application
  5. Two examples of analytical writing. If you are presently, or have been a student within the past two years, enclose a copy of one of your best essays written in your present/previous degree. If however you are a career journalist or media worker, attach two pieces of writing that demonstrate the ability to be analytical.

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