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Give sight to others

Date Released: Thu, 30 August 2012 13:00 +0200

The Rhodes University Pharmacy Students Association (RUPSA) are organising a community engagement activity as part of Pharmacy Week.

The RUPSA community engagement project involves the collection of old spectacles, which will be donated to St John's for use by people who need glasses, but have limited funds to pay for them.

Ms Wendy Wrench said usually the frames from the old glasses are used and then lenses for each person are fitted.

“In Grahamstown, St John's works with a local business i.e. Dr Davies Optometrists in Bathurst Street to provide glasses for members of the Grahamstown community. St John's also works with the Lions Organisation who co-ordinate "Operation Bright Sight" which provides glasses to people all around South Africa,” said added.

“We would like to appeal to you to find glasses (with or without lenses) that are no longer being used. You could also ask your family and friends if they have a pair of glasses to donate to this worthy cause,” said Ms Wrench.

Collection boxes for the glasses are available at Butlers Pharmacy, Wallaces Pharmacy and Grahamstown Pharmacy. The glasses can also be delivered to Ms Tanya Kent or Ms Linda Emslie in Room 404 (top floor of the Faculty of Pharmacy building at Rhodes University). The last day for donating glasses is 21 September 2012.

“Your donation is greatly appreciated and would make a significant difference in a person's life,” she added.