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Old Rhodian to connect South Africans in the diaspora

Date Released: Mon, 30 July 2012 17:06 +0200

There are many professional and skilled South Africans living abroad, who are keen to give back to South Africa.

And at least 55% of South Africans living in the US want to return to the country.

This is according to Donovan Neale-May, the executive director of chief marketing officer, who has started a website and an organisation seeking to bring hundreds of expatriates who want to contribute to the country, together. Neale-May also said that their research had shown that over 55% of expatriates living in the US wanted to return to South Africa.

Neale-May, who is also a former South African and one of the most influential business-to-business marketers in north America, runs the alumni network for Rhodes University.

He is the founder of Sable Accelerator, which will put South African businesses in touch with South Africans living abroad.

“The company also forms trusted global networks for South African experts to mentor and assist entrepreneurs, product innovators and universities with new venture growth, technology transfer and foreign market access. We have already helped many South African companies. But there is also a vast group of South Africans abroad who have done well and are keen to give back to South Africa.

“Among them are scientists from Nasa, running their own companies and teaching at Stanford University and working for the World Bank.

“They were born here and also received their education here, but because of work live abroad. I also left the country years ago to coach rugby. And these former South Africans feel that they can contribute through coaching, lecturing at universities, giving donations and investing,” Neale-May said.

The new website is called:www.sablenetwork.com. It will be launched on 6 August.

By Rusana Philander

Source: The New Age

Photo source: Infosecurity-magazine website