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[CREDIT: Pixabay]
[CREDIT: Pixabay]

It is with great consternation that we share the news that our official Rhodes University Facebook Page has been hijacked and is no longer under our control. This happened as part of the recent highly-publicised Facebook data breach, in which 533 million users' phone numbers and personal data were leaked online.

Through gaining access via one of the Page's admin accounts, the hijacker removed all associated admin accounts, made themselves admin and deleted the original admin user profile they had used to gain access. This left us, despite numerous attempts, with no way to regain control over the Page. Various messages and emails to Facebook have gone unanswered.

Although we have not yet entirely given up the fight, we do want to inform the community that the official page ( is currently not in our control. This means we cannot make posts, reply to queries via the inbox or assist with comments.

As a precaution, please do not reply to any messages you may receive from Rhodes University via Facebook, until further notice. If you have been receiving strange messages from that account, we would appreciate it if you could share these with us at, while we further assess the scope of the problem we are dealing with.